Jesus Determines Your Value Not Your J-O-B

Photo by: kosheahan (Creative Commons)

Photo by: kosheahan (Creative Commons)

I have written a lot about the issues I have had at my J-O-Bs.

The image of myself I developed as a result of the positions I have held over the years. Thinking less of myself because I don’t carry a brief case or use a stethoscope and I don’t own my own business.  From an early age our society indoctrinates us to think that kids either grow to be doctors or lawyers or, really any job that requires the wearing of a tie, or you’re a loser.

The Gospel According to Facebook

Jesus re-post

I don’t mean to brag but I am on Facebook – a lot!

See nothing to brag about there. In fact, I should probably cut back some of my “facebooking” – I love how we’ve turned a social media site into a part of speech.

VERB! That’s what’s happening.

The more time I spend mindlessly scrolling through what my friends from high school did over the weekend and who is seeing what movie the more I am aware of how it is used as a means to express your personal feeling and beliefs. You can freely rail against Liberals, openly assail the Tea Party, support this cause or that, post a picture for an hour to raise awareness for Autism, MS and the need for the BUCS to dump their failing…TEAM.

OK – I wanted to get mine in there too.

Turbo, Jesus Christ and Accepting the Supernatural

From the Movie Turbo

From the Movie Turbo

Over the weekend my wife – TL&T – and  I took the Boy to see Turbo. As far as super fast snail movies go – it was not bad. In fact it was actually pretty good.

If I did movie reviews – and anyone that knows me knows I critique every movie I see – I would give Turbo four out of five whatever’s.

God Want’s You in the Moment

Photo By : Diamond Montessori School (Creative Commons)

Photo By : Diamond Montessori School (Creative Commons)

In keeping with this week’s theme of how our dreams and our life callings are directly tied to Jesus I was thinking about the story in Exodus chapter 17 where God tells Moses that as long as his staff is raised the Israelites will win the battle against the Amalekites.

By this time God has shown Moses that He is in control – having already demonstrated his power over the staff by turning it into a serpent then back into a staff. As a Sheppard, the staff would have been an important tool in the daily life of Moses – part of his calling.

Friday Forum – What’s On YOUR Mind?

55834-thFor several weeks now, I have been limiting my Friday posts to the more intuitive, less structured side of my writing and to be honest today I was dry, done spent.

This week,  I have been flat, tired, disinterested and and just plain frustrated with life. Usually I find those times to be a veritable playground for free expression – not so this week.

Your Dream Is Not Stupid

guitarWhat do you dream about?

I am not talking about flying through the clouds, falling off a building and landing in a tub a pudding – unless it’s warm and chocolate  then we’ll talk later – no, I am talking about the dream that drives you. The one you talk to your friends about every chance you get. The dream that you imagine will catapult you to superstardom – or maybe the corner office, the one that keeps you up at night because you cannot wait to start working on it in the morning.

Just Don’t Use The “N” Word

Photo By: falcon1961

Photo By: falcon1961

Under normal circumstances, I do not tackle social or political issues here at PADAG.

These are not “normal” circumstances.

I have very strong convictions about both but when it comes to this blog I prefer to remember that everyone needs Jesus – whether I agree with them politically or not. This issue is not really about politics it is about right and wrong.

And Jesus does not have a political party.

Puzzles, Prayers and the Battle with Satan

The chorus “…our God is an awesome God…” is not just good to sing, it is the truth. Too often, we take that awesomeness for granted.

Photo By : Bludgeoner86 (Creative Commons)

Photo By : Bludgeoner86 (Creative Commons)

I know I do.

The way He reveals His truths is, at times, a bit overwhelming.  Did I say “a bit?”

Don’t Fear Satan’s Lies – Yeah, That’s the Ticket!

Satan’s Not So Greatest Lie

liesLast year, I wrote a post titled “Satan’s Greatest Lie,” Jeremy Myers, at ‘Till He was nice enough to publish it for me.

I mused about how Satan tricks us with the idea that we have more time than we think and how we can always do tomorrow what we should do today.  You can read it here.

I have been doing some thinking – dangerous – and a lot of reading and I no longer think that the time issue is his “greatest” lie. I started thinking about all the lies that we are told and shamefully – even Christians – fall for. He is, after all, the Father of lies.

Satan Did NOT Tempt Jesus in the Wilderness

I believe everything the Bible says.  I believe you can trust it in its entirety.

Yes, I am a “the Bible says it, I believe it and that settles it” kind of guy.tempt apple

I try not to portion out what’s easy to believe and turn my eyes away from the really hard stuff, the unpopular stuff; the stuff that’s easy to dismiss as either too antiquated or implausible.

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