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nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participantThis weekend I failed. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that it was only my first weekend attempting NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and I really only failed for the weekend. (more…)

WhYelling Marine DI - From Business Insideren I was at Parris Island becoming a Marine any time our Drill Instructors wanted our undivided attention they yelled.

Well – they must have wanted our attention a lot – because they yelled…

A LOT! (more…)

Come check us out - February 28, 2016

Come check us out – February 28, 2016


I got this off the internets - thank you internets.

I got this off the internets – thank you internets.

Ever had the Pizza Hut P’Zone? If not I am super sorry. It was a delicious masterpiece of pizza-y goodness. You can get a decent calzone from just about any pizza place but the P”Zone was a zone I could easily get into.

Other zones? Not so much. (more…)

Photo From Creative Commons: Michelle MIlla

Photo From Creative Commons: Michelle Milla


That face completely sums up my feelings this morning when I woke up and realized that I broke the chain.

That’s right – I BROKE THE CHAIN! (more…)

I try writing every day – I am a firm believer in the Seinfeldian – DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN – train of thought.

In 2014 I frequently used the hashtag – #dontbreakthechain for motivation and encouragement to me fellow writers. (more…)

f2558-nyeFor the last few years I have posted – near the end of December or sometimes early January – about the importance of setting GOALS for the upcoming year – you can check those out here, here or here – and the strategies  I employ to ensure I don’t waste the next 8784 hours. (more…)

24 Days of Christmas (Music)

For many – A Charlie Brown Christmas is without a doubt the number 1 Christmas special going – it’s second on my personal list but let’s not split hairs – some of you cannot afford the division. (more…)

24 Days of Christmas (Music)So, what are the 24 Days of Christmas (music) you might be asking – especially if you have not been here any of the last eight days? That’s easy – they are an expression of my love of the season, a declaration of my love of music and an excuse to BLOG every day.

Hey – whatever gets and or keeps the habit – right? (more…)

24 Days of Christmas (Music)







This is from one of my earliest Christmas memories – be on the look-out for more Gene Autry tunes. Enjoy.

Merry Christmas. (more…)