In God We Trust (Do We ?).

I often wonder how many times a day God looks down on me and shakes his head in haughty derision. – Probably, none or a million, but definitely one of the two.

I also wonder, at those times when he sees that I “get it” does he start jumping up and down like a father that just watched his son score a touchdown to win the game, only to be befuddled as to why I do not use my new found knowledge or as I am told Lombardi said, “…act like you’ve been there before”?

The Imprecise Science of Intolerance

Photo by: Waponi (Creative Commons)

Photo by: Waponi (Creative Commons)

There are many things that I do not understand. Among those are physics, the appeal of soccer and why Two Broke Girls is still on the air (with any luck I will need to update this reference inside six months) but the top of the list is the question of intolerance.


I cannot say that I have had a good week. In fact, it would be a massive understatement to stay it was crap; that I am glad for the week to be over does not do justice to the word.

But God was with me.

Friday Forum – What’s On YOUR Mind?

55834-thFor several weeks now, I have been limiting my Friday posts to the more intuitive, less structured side of my writing and to be honest today I was dry, done spent.

This week,  I have been flat, tired, disinterested and and just plain frustrated with life. Usually I find those times to be a veritable playground for free expression – not so this week.

Your Treasure May Be God’s Plan

Photo By: karindalziel (Creative Commons)

Photo By: karindalziel (Creative Commons)

In Luke’s gospel, Jesus is quoted saying “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Luke 12:34 KJV).” In this verse he’s referring to what we pay attention to or where our priorities lie determines how or where we spend our time and live our lives.

I am not going to argue that – I mean Jesus said it, right?

Depends On What You Sow

Photo By: Adam Arthur (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Adam Arthur (Creative Commons)

Don’t you just love the “prosperity” gospel? It is so motivating and full of hope and joy.

That is until you realize that you’re not getting the things you’ve been told you’ll get.

Wait, where is my new car? New job? New house? The promotion that I don’t deserve in the first place?

Memorial Day, Jarheads and Jesus

Last Soldier and crossMonday Americans observed Memorial Day. The day we celebrate those  that have given their lives in defense of our freedoms as Americans and in support of our way of life. These brave men and women, knowing the potential danger – knowing  their lives were at stake signed a piece of paper and in essence said “yes, I am willing to die for my country.” To be fair, this is admission of anyone that joins the military of their respective country – voluntarily or not – so feel free to applaud your men and women too.

Billboards, Clouds and the Reality of Jesus

We cloudsall start off in basically the same way, as children watching other people live their lives.

We see all the things they do and make most of our life decisions based on what we see. We’re either motivated to do or not do what we’ve witnessed.

Like you, I saw things and made choices that have moved me through life to the point where I question everything, including my value as a person.

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