trusting God

In God We Trust (Do We ?).

I often wonder how many times a day God looks down on me and shakes his head in haughty derision. – Probably, none or a million, but definitely one of the two.

I also wonder, at those times when he sees that I “get it” does he start jumping up and down like a father that just watched his son score a touchdown to win the game, only to be befuddled as to why I do not use my new found knowledge or as I am told Lombardi said, “…act like you’ve been there before”?

Puzzles, Prayers and the Battle with Satan

The chorus “…our God is an awesome God…” is not just good to sing, it is the truth. Too often, we take that awesomeness for granted.

Photo By : Bludgeoner86 (Creative Commons)

Photo By : Bludgeoner86 (Creative Commons)

I know I do.

The way He reveals His truths is, at times, a bit overwhelming.  Did I say “a bit?”

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