The Bible Says Time Travel Is Possible

Photo By: Pop Culture Geek (CC)

Photo By: Pop Culture Geek (CC)

Of all the things I look forward to about getting into Heaven – yes I am going to be there and if you’re not sure message me and I will help you – one of the most exciting things for me has got to be the ability to time travel.

This has long been something that man has dreamed of doing. Science fiction books and movies give us a glimpse of what our minds think it might be like – and I don’t think there is one that I don’t like.

From “The Time Machine”, “Dr. Who” and every incantation of Star Trek to – my personal time travel favorite – “Back to the Future” it is obvious that our minds – at almost every level – desire to live in and see other times.

Not always wanting to change our own past or even and major history changing event but rather just to see how people lived or will live.

He’s the thing – I believe that time travel is not only possible and probable but it is supported by scripture.

What? Certainly you did not just read that. Well, yes you did. I just said the Bible supports the idea of time travel.

Hold on, I’ll explain.

I believe that all the things that man has created were thought of first by God. I believe that God gives the ideas to men and we either run with them or not. I also believe that ANYTHING we can imagine ANYTHING we can dream has already been thought of by the Creator of the universe.

So, if we think about time travel, if we dream about being able to see other times other eras why is it hard to believe that it can not only happen but that God has not already perfected it.

I think he has.

Now, I am not going to throw a curve ball at you and say that God made history writers and photographers and their word makes it possible to see the past and therefore – in a sense – we can travel back in time. I mean those thing are there and do allow us to see the past but for time travel to viable for it to be legitimate it MUST go forward as well as back.

Again, I believe the bible supports this.

If you read the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, John says he has a “vision” but in this vision he does not just watch them or “see” them take place he participates in the events. In order to participate in them he HAD to be there not just in a vision but physically.

To be there physically means that God plucked him out of our time line and deposited him squarely in a year – time and place – that has not happened. If it has not happened yet then it MUST be in the future.

It has to be. There can be no other explanation.

I think that as Christ followers, we accept the fact that God’s omnipresence – being everywhere and anywhere at once – mandates that He is not only here in 2013 but also congruently in the year 5. HE’s watching what happens to me and Jesus simultaneously.

He lives outside time as we understand it.

His creation, His rules.

I do not believe that we’ll ever be able to travel back or forward in time – this side of Heaven – except in our dreams, books and movies and that’s OK. Because we can take comfort that one day God’s going to open up time as HE understands it and then the fun is really going to begin.

Now please excuse me, I have to go work on my Flux Capacitor.

If God came to and said you can go back into your life and change one thing or go forward and see how something turns out which would you choose and why? Leave a comment below and let’s have some fun.


OK, first of all, I KNEW that was a flux capacitor. I’m surprised you don’t have a Mr. Fusion model, Doc!

Interesting post. There is one event in my past that I would love to go back and change. But here’s the thing – on this side of it, I can see how it impacted my walk with the Lord for GOOD. I’m not sure that I would change it after all, if it meant that I lost the lessons that I have learned, and lost how I understand His LOVE like I do now. Sigh.

Going forward? No, other than my reassurance that in the end ALL WILL BE WELL, I’m good trying to live now and STOP worrying about that future!!

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Just a road map – the BIBLE!


    The current knowledge thing makes it hard right? How many times have you said – or anyone else – “If only I knew then what I know now” ?
    If your event had a positive effect on your relationship with God I can understand your hesitation.
    As for the “Mr. Fusion” model – Mr Fusion was the power source for the FC. It replaced the plutonium. It is always the FC that “makes time travel possible.”

    Thanks for stopping by, as always and thanks for commenting.

Oooo… That’s a tough one… Just as we saw in Back to the Future, sometimes making changes can have unexpected outcomes. Who knows what else hinged on that event or that choice? Yes, there are things I wish I hadn’t done, or that I hadn’t done the way I did, but everything I did brought me where I am now. If I would change anything at all, it would probably be to spend more time in the Word, and sharing the word with others and less in trivial things.

So, are you going to write a post on transporting instantly from one place to another? That’s something else I’m looking forward to. Beam me up, Scotty!

    The unknown is what makes that such a tough question. If I had done “X” would I have been where I was when I met my wife? Who knows, well God of course. I would say that the things you mention you could change now and see what unexpected changes they bring in the “future.” 🙂

    As far as the transporting ability, well, Jesus did seem to get out of a couple tough spots before he was ready to be captured. So I think there is scriptural ground for that too.

    As Stan Lee used to say “Stay tuned true believers.” Of course, I welcome the others too.

Interesting thoughts.

While it’s fun to think about changing something in the past or seeing how something will turn out in the future, I think that’s it’s a good thing we are not actually allowed to do that. I can’t imagine how I would mess my life up if I actually had either of those options. I mess stuff up enough as it is 🙂

Interesting thoughts though. Thanks.

    Welcome back – glad as always that you stopped by.

    I agree we would change things and not for the better especially if we “knew” what one outcome would be. I happen to think that the other choice, for me anyway, would end up worse that the first. But I do think we’ll be able to do it just not affect the out comes and such. Maybe watch the Battle at Gettysburg or the moon lading – from the surface of the moon of course – stuff like that.

    Thanks aging for stopping by your comments are always appreciated.

Hi Mick!

Yeah it’s me, POP! I’ve always wanted the ability to go back to when I was 15. The year I quit playing baseball in the middle of the All Star Tournament back home in Michigan. I had the opportunity to go to West Palm Beach, FL to get into the Kansas City Athletics farm organization. For those of you too young to remember that was the location of the Oakland A’s at the time, Kansas City! They were interested in a young boy who’s fastball was clocked, as accurately as they could back in 1963, at 97 MPH. Obviously they wanted me as a pitcher but my favorite position was behind the plate, however I was too small to go much beyond Babe Ruth League ages 13,14 and 15 as a catcher. Anyway, most likely my life would have been entirely different than it has turned out. Fortunes are made playing Major League Baseball, I probably would have done quite well, though not like they pay these kids today, but for the times it would have been a lot!

That all being said, I can tell you that I wouldn’t change a thing about my life as it has turned out. Ya see, had I chosen the other path I likely wouldn’t have met your Mother, wouldn’t have had my son (YOU) and certainly wouldn’t have my Grandson (Xander). Riches aside, the greatest thrill I’ve ever had was the first day you were born and the first time I held you in my arms. The only other thing I treasure as much was the first time I held Xander in my arms.(Even though his Mama made me disinfect my hands first)! PAM!!!!!!!!

No, wouldn’t change it even if I could!

There are only 4 people in this world that I would give my life for and three of them live in your house!

Love forever,

Pop (Grampa)

    Hey Pop,
    Color me surprised. I can honestly say yours was not a name I expected to see leaving a comment here. So, thank you for taking the time to read and to comment. Knowing that you an mom might not have met and I would not have come to pass is good reason for me to say “good choice, Pop and thanks.” I knew most of that story but I did not realize that you were that young. Grampa should have thumped you and MADE you go to WPB. At 15 there was plenty of time fro you and mom to meet. 🙂

    Thanks again for stopping by. Please come by again.
    Love you too – also forever.

If I could go back in time, I’d go back when my brothers and sisters were all little. I’d pick each one up, sit them in my lap, gaze into thier innocent eyes and tell them how special each one of them are. I’d tell them God loved them and always remember no matter what’s going on, to remember he’s always there with them. I’d tell them to stick together and help each other out during times of trouble. Then, I’d tell them I loved each of them…including my younger self…and to always pray. I’d tell them if they needed to really talk to someone about any problems they were having at home that they should do it and not be afraid because the Lord would be with them. I’d kiss each one on the cheek, tell each one of them how important they are and that God has a plan for thier lives.

    Mary, Thank you first for your comment and second for humbling me – and I hope anyone else that reads it. Your selflessness stands above our, MY, petty thoughts of “oh, I’d study harder”, or ” I’d never take this job or that job” that you’d take an opportunity like that and speak God’s truth into others lives and not use it advance your own cause truly speaks to living out what Jesus said was the second greatest commandment to “love others as your self.”
    Thank you for coming by, I hope you make this a regular stop on your interwebs journey!

    Mary, your reply was so beautiful.

I’de go back and try and stop my mom and dad from being sick.

    That’s a noble desire – Sometime we cannot stop that sort of thing. I hope all is well now. Thanks for commenting. Feel free to stop by again – our doors are always open.

I’m not so sure it’s impossible “this side of heaven”… I think if it is there, it’s extremely restricted and only certain people are allowed to use it. But you can’t change anything through time travel- say that, I use the TARDIS, go to the past, leave a letter for myself, then go back. In the past, I saw that letter, and that is why I went in the future to bring it to myself in the past. If time travel happens, it doesn’t change anything, because everything is already the way it is because the time travel has already techincally happened. 😛

Still, great article! God bless!

    Ace, first – thanks for stopping by, reading AND commenting. Great observations BTW. B) I understand all the time travel paradoxes and agree that traveling along your own past timeline might prove difficult – perhaps it would be more an opportunity to “watch” your younger self but as a strict rule – I agree what’s done is done – It’s just one of those things I like to contemplate. having said that – John’s trip to the future cannot be argued. He participated in events the Bible says have yet to happen only they have happened. I guess you might call that “future fact”?

    Again, thanks for stopping by – feel free to came back whenever.


Old article but I thought I’d comment.

If time travel were made possible to us today, I would choose to go back to late 2014/ the beginning of 2015 and relive what was probably the most amazing year of my life. I would do everything exactly as I did it originally except for one change: I’d make the choice to do what I now God was asking me to do but didn’t because of doubts. I’d save myself months of heartache and get to experience all that He had for me on the original time line and I’m sad that it won’t be on that time line as long as I’m alive now.

    Lilly – you’re right it has been around for a while but I am glad you left a comment.

    I understand what you’re saying but perhaps this will be of some encouragement – you not doing what God placed on your heart did not come as a surprise to Him. He knew you’d have doubts but would eventually come to His way of thinking. The time line your on – is the very one God KNEW you’d be on. So, be of good cheer. You’ve lined up your life with His calling for you and can be joyful knowing that.

    Thanks for stopping by – feel free to come back any time.

Great article. I really hope this is true!
I would love to roam around and actually live for a while through the 20th century.

But for now, let’s enjoy what God has planned for us in present life.

    Agreed – there is too much to LOVE about the present (and God 🙂 ). What part of the 20th century is of interest or just all of it? I’d like to see things at the turn of that century early 1900’s.

I would go back and stop my pastor father from beating me

    Mark, I am sorry to read that you experienced that, I cannot even imagine what you endured. I would join you and help stop it if I could. Without now all the details, all I can say is that while your father was a pastor – that kind of behavior IS NOT scriptural and did not come from a place of love – which is what God is – God IS love. I hope you can separate the actions of a sinful human being, a creation of THE Father, and the actions of God, the LOVE of Jesus and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and forgive your earthly father and rest in the PEACE of the one TRUE God. Please, comment any time or if you need to talk you can reach me at “”.

many possible answers to your question. Jesus had the ability to travel in time, walk on water, cure the uncureable, predict the future, transport himself over distance and time, travel to and from the alternate spiritual reality, etc. Was he unique to the times he came from and why did he say a sacrifice was needed. Angels have been our spiritual guides for years as have the demons for others. In the end we trust that in a spiritual belief system that fosters kindness we will evolve into creatures making a “heavenly” transportation that will give us the qualities that Jesus encouraged when he said something like everything I have done you too can do and even greater.

    Don, thanks for stopping by, reading and taking the time to comment – it is appreciated. You bring up some interesting points that deserve some thought. I think Christ was unique, yes to the time he was on Earth, prior to creation and for all eternity.
    Love to discus this more or other topics.
    Hope you find another post you like and will start another conversation.
    Keep the acorn spinnin’

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