My 100th Post – A Recap and a Resolution

Wow! I made it to 100.

The amazingly sad thing about that is that I should have gotten here a long time ago. My last post was back in November and the last time there was substance was October. More on that in a minute.

I got a bit bogged down with life the last couple months. My J-O-B had become, nearly, unbearable. I was turning into someone I did not like and I did not seem to be able to stop or control it and I know why.

Because I CANNOT control it and believe me – I tried.

I took my eyes, my attention, my focus – all of it, everything off of Jesus and my life started to fall apart. I grew to loath writing – even the idea of putting words to screen made me nauseated. I see my writing as a form of worship. God’s given me this ability and I believe I am supposed to use the gift to share God’s love with the world.

As my heart was in rebellion – not because I was mad at God or anything but because I was trying to do what ONLY he can do – it became a burden and an annoying reminder that I was trying to make it through life with allowing God his rightful place – and therefore, I quit writing.

But it was always there.

I have notes about posts I want to write, better, need to write. I have a lot to do but before I could do that I had to get back to the source of my joy and I was afraid to do that too because this post is number 100 and as it’s kind of milestone it kept reminding me that I was not in the right place – spiritually – to accomplish God’s will for me so I continued to avoid it.

Fast forward to today – I AM BACK! 


I started this blog back in 2008. Ironically enough it was December. Since then, I have written approximatley 35,000 words – not including the occasional guest posts, short stories or things that do not get published on-line – and the bulk of that has been this year and most of that has been since about May.

So, there you go.

Below are some of the posts I feel are my best. If there is one I left out that you feel should have been include feel free to add a link in the comments.

God Does Not Care –  My first ever post

It Was Not Jesus’ Will to Die – A look at “choosing” to follow GOd’s plan for your life.

Christianity’s Biggest Issues? Christians – In too many cases, we’re the problem.

The Bible Says Time Travel is Possible – A look at the “timelessness” of God

Every J-O-B Has its Thorn – Jobs – Can’t stand ’em can’t quit ’em!

Happy Father’s Day – A call to arms for fathers

I Wanna Rock – Me just being me.

Somthing to Say – Poetry in motion

Peter’s Lament – What might have been going through Peter’s mind on the day Christ died

Jesus Christ is Peace – ’nuff said

Your Dream is not Stupid and Your Dream Does Not Matter – These compliment each other.


As a part of the Jeff Goins 500 word a day challenge – and my own desire to start writing again –  I am “resolving” to write every day this month a minimum of 500 words.  I am getting a late start – thank you migraine from hell – but the idea is not to JUST start but to finish.

In the next couple days I am going to post a publishing schedule – far less demanding than in the past. In hopes that the work can continue in an orderly and productive manner as opposed to whatever it was that I was doing last year. I will also be looking for guest posts, so be prepared for that.

Not all the writing I do this month will be posted here as I am looking to enlarge my off line content, short stories, stand-up material etc.

So, according to my handy word counter I eclipsed the 500 word threshold for day one you are looking at 690 words.

Go team!

Something to say? Grab the MIC!

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