Your Dream Is Not Stupid

guitarWhat do you dream about?

I am not talking about flying through the clouds, falling off a building and landing in a tub a pudding – unless it’s warm and chocolate  then we’ll talk later – no, I am talking about the dream that drives you. The one you talk to your friends about every chance you get. The dream that you imagine will catapult you to superstardom – or maybe the corner office, the one that keeps you up at night because you cannot wait to start working on it in the morning.

What is it that God has placed on your heart? Think about this for a second. Give it some thought.

Perhaps you’re already doing it – living the dream. Perhaps you’re working toward it – taking classes or doing open mics. Perhaps you’re still trying to figure out that it is that God’s called you to do.

Many people struggle with this. Instead of doing what God put them here to do they play into Satan’s hands and do nothing because the picture is not clear. God does not get the glory he deserves and they never live up to their potential. They hamstring themselves.

Huge mistake.

One that I have made most of my adult life – I KNOW what you’re going through. Don’t despair.

I have said in the past that I tried for years to learn how to play guitar – I wanted to be a rock star and I could still, someday, learn to play a song or two but that will have to wait. You know what else I have always wanted to do? Explore space.

Yep – now that’s one that most people don’t know.

I grew up in a generation that watched Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Buck Rodgers. Who didn’t want to fly a ship, fight a fleet of enemies or rip a helmet off and say “…I’m here to recue you…”? Space guys were cool.

In case you’re curious I wanted to be Han Solo – and yes, he shot first!

Given my age and well, OK just my age I am NEVER going to see that dream come to fruition and I am good with that.

I can still dream.

Even if that dream is not realistic I can still call on it when I point out some constellations to my son or we watch Star Wars together. So I don’t let the fact that I will NEVER destroy the evil Empire keep me from getting out of bed.

Neither should you.

I don’t know what you dream about or where you are in life – perhaps you also want to go into space and are young enough to work on that. I say, “GO FOR IT!”

Maybe you have more earthly dreams. Look, first, at what you’re good at already. What do you have a natural tendency towards? Not everyone is born to hit a baseball, or draw a picture, write a poem but we all have something we’re good at and that is your first clue.

You need to embrace the gift. If it’s not exactly in line with what you think you WANT to do – that’s OK. Keep an open mind. Go ahead and try to do what you feel is right but don’t spend your whole life chasing something that is running faster than you.

At some point you have to accept that playing guitar to 1000s of screaming fans may not be in the cards – that’s OK.

God has a better plan for you than you can imagine anyway.

Your dream is not stupid. It may not be realistic, you may not be able to achieve your wildest dream but it is not stupid.

Your dream is not stupid.

What is your dream – wild or otherwise? Are you already doing what you think you’re here to do or are you still working toward it? Tell me about it in the comments. I promise, I will respond.


Thanks for this entertaining and encouraging post.
I’ve been thinking a great deal about my dreams lately. Slowly God is showing me what He created me for and slowing I’m moving in that direction. God can’t tell me all at once because I’d jump ahead of His plan and mess it up. So, it’s taking time, but I trust God. Some of the things on my heart may never happen (like being a published author) but until God says “stop”, I’m going to keep on pressing on.

Have a great day!

    You’re so right. IF we knew too much ahead of time what God wanted we’d – me for sure – would mess it up. I thik that’s why he does not allow us to time travel. All we can do is trust and “if” God does not want you to get published you’ll know – but I’ll be praying that you see that dream come to pass.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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