Keep the Acorn Spinnin’

Photo from Noli Noli

Photo from Noli Noli

God has spoken to me in the past – not audibly but I could hear him in my heart. I have talked and written about that in the past.

The first time he told me that I had built a wall around my heart and I was not allowing him to enter – then he told me how to change that. I walked out of church that morning drove home and did what I was told.

The next time was a year or so later and I was struggling to find my lace in his will – or as I like to say , finding His will for my life. The thing is though, that I was not doing anything. Rather, I was spinning my wheels doing nothing waiting, as I have said for God to speak to me through a burning bush or a billboard or – and I really looked for these too – scripture references in license plates. I wish I was making that up.

You know because God always hides messages out in the open for you to see if you really want to find them, right?

Am I?

What is your direction?Am I angry?

Am I jealous?

Am I stupid?

Am I dense?

Am I afraid?

Monday Night Stand-Up

Because of some encouraging people that are part of  Jon Acuff’s START Experiment – #STARTEXP, some VERY encouraging people over at Sammy A’s site and – yes you too mom – I decided to post this.  Trying to embrace #alltheawesome while punching my fear in the face – and adding a body blow for good measure!

This is from the first time I took the stage. It’s a short clip. I would love to hear you thoughts.

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God’s Will Should Not Be a Surprise or Mystery

Photo By: James Cridland (CC)

Photo By: James Cridland (CC)

God has made redemption so easy.

Have faith – you’re good. Accept his gift – you’re in. Trust what Jesus did on the cross – you’re solid.

It is no more complicated than that.

God Does Not Want Your Dream to Become Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP wordmark official.

Some time ago, I wrote about how our faith, according to Paul, can be shipwrecked but that I do not believe that means were rendered permanently useless. I believe that God uses that time – if we allow him – to help us grow and to teach us what we need to learn. Obviously, we can be obstinate and miss God’s lesson but that is our doing not his. You can read that post here.

You Cannot Be Sure Of God Until You’re Sure Of God

Question Mark** The following is a question from one of last weeks posts – God Is With Me and the answer I provided. I think the question is common among people looking for their direction, as is this reader. Feel free to respond as you are lead here or on the original post.

I edited the question and answer for this post.



I cannot say that I have had a good week. In fact, it would be a massive understatement to stay it was crap; that I am glad for the week to be over does not do justice to the word.

But God was with me.

I Just Don’t Feel Good

*NOTE – To say that I wrote the following while I didn’t feel good would be true but I do not want that to be a cop out.  I write what I feel -good or bad, positive or negative, sad and demented but always honest.  I will not make an excuse, this is how I felt at the time that the words came out.  I am using this as an example of what I believe we all go though – emotions that we all deal with – and how I deal.  I share this because I believe someone is feeling the EXACT same thing and they need to know they’re NOT alone. If I am talking to you, leave a comment and we can talk. Send me an email and we’ll pray.

Just know.

God Wants You to be a Grunt – At Least for Now

I am better than this.

I deserve more.

I can do that.

I am…


Turbo, Jesus Christ and Accepting the Supernatural

From the Movie Turbo

From the Movie Turbo

Over the weekend my wife – TL&T – and  I took the Boy to see Turbo. As far as super fast snail movies go – it was not bad. In fact it was actually pretty good.

If I did movie reviews – and anyone that knows me knows I critique every movie I see – I would give Turbo four out of five whatever’s.

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