Pick A Direction and GO!

cover picI often talk, here at PADAG, about finding God’s will for your life – as I have come to believe that’s part of what I can do to help people – find their way closer to God.

Something that I have struggled with for years is my own direction and the thing is the answer has always been right in from of me.

Pick a Direction and Go!

It’s right there in the name I chose for the blog – but what does it mean?

To me it means that God does not care what profession or job I chose – simply that I do, in fact, choose and honor Him in whatever I decide to do.

God gives all of us skills and abilities. He gives us interests.  He even gives us opportunities to use, grow and refine those things. However, I do not believe he’s picked out “a” job that I have to do.

I believe that God’s given me the ability to communicate, clearly and effectively, through writing, I also believe he’s given me the courage to stand in front of complete strangers and talk, teach or even tell jokes. Does that mean he wants me to be a preacher?

Perhaps  –  but honestly I do not think that is the direction for me. I have the skills but not the desire. Does that mean I am missing out on something? NO, because there are other ways I can use those skills and honor God at the same time.

And I believe THAT is the point. Honoring God should be the main point of all our lives. Could I have gone to medical school? Sure but my practice would not have honored God. I would not have been happy doing that but I don’t think God would have stopped me.

I think my grades would have something to say about it but I could have tried.

Does my skill set allow for me to be a doctor? No, not really plus I have never been interested in that kind of work.  Never liked science that much and well, let’s just say math is not my friend.

Words? I like the words very much.

What I do not believe it that God has a flow chart in heaven wherein he has our lives mapped out;  planned to the second or to the occupation He has chosen for us.

We hear about callings all the time but I believe that our desires have as much to do with where we go as our “calling”.

Does he KNOW what we’re going to be doing and where we’re going to be at a given time – yes, I believe he does but I don’t think we’ve blown his “plan” if we zig when we should have zagged.

After all, he knows what we’re going to do before we have even gotten out of bed.

The only one that can really say if you’ve made a wrong choice is you and there is nothing that says that you cannot make new decision if thing don’t work out.

I think that’s where Romans 8:28 comes in and why it is so comforting. I also think it is God’s way of telling us “Hey, I KNOW you’re going to screw up but don’t worry about it – I can use that too.”

I think what happens is that we hear a scripture like Jeremiah 29:11 – which is a great verse – but we put way too much emphasis on the word “plan.”

You see, I have seen movies my whole life and every time someone has a plan there is map, dramatic music, the synchronizing of watches, something usually blows up and in the end the goal is achieved and the girl is rescued or the casino has successfully been robbed – whatever.

So, in my mind a “plan” has a series of steps and a definite out come.  If any of the steps are missed someone dies – well, in the movies they do – in my life if steps are missed then I miss out on God’s best for me and my life. I miss out on the cool job, or the ministry that I want to be involved.

One of the great things about God is that he’s way smarter than I am and as hard as this might be to hear, he’s smarter than you too. Which is why, there are times when we think we should go one way but the door simply does not open.

So, am I saying that God does not want us to take a certain job but he might not want us to take a certain job?

Well, yes. That is what I am saying.

God has a plan for us – His word says so and I believe that.

So,  stop wasting time looking for God’s will. Sop looking outside what you already know, what you already like and where your interests lie – for all of us, for you and for the glory of God…

Pick A Direction and Go!

Have you picked your direction or are you looking still? Are you playing around waiting for God to call out your name, send you an angel or set a bush on fire? Tell me what’s going on in your world. Let’s talk about it – maybe I can help.


I’ve seen this phenomenon in my life, too. I just move forward, and the very things that God ends up using most powerfully to propel me to the next step in his path are the things that I failed at, the shortcomings I had, and the weaknesses I felt would make me unusable.

As I read you post I kept thinking of the adage, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”
Each day prepares us for tomorrow. The challenges I face today will prepare me for what I will face tomorrow.
I can’t know the future, but I can accomplish today what’s in front of me. It’s good to have goals, but they can change over time. Trusting in God is paramount in traveling this life. He will guide us home, no matter how many wrong turns we make.

    Trusting is paramount and I think it is one of the places where we fall short – not always intentionally. I just think we get caught up in doing the little things and slowly we convince ourselves that they’re ALL little things and that we can handle them all. It does all come down to trust.
    Thanks TC.

Not many people would be brave enough to write this. I tend to agree with you, and it is certainly food for thought!

Thank you for posting this. I do agree that we have all been given talents. And to use them to honor God is what counts 🙂

    Honoring God is really the only thing that matters – the world just makes that nearly impossible to see. Thank you for the comment and stopping by – come back any time.

Thank you so much. I am so tired of everyone saying I don’t wanna do nothing till I know Gods will. First I will tell you what God’s will is love Him and love others. That’s his will for our lives. If you do those two things where ever you land whatever you do it will be for him.

    You’re right, Jesus told the scribes what the two most important commandments were – and they just happen to predate the 10 everyone is aware of – love the Lord your god with all your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit and to love your neighbor as your self – there it is God’s will.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.

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