Loving or not – Hell is a Reality and it Will Not Be Empty

Photo By: leo.craig (Creative Commons)

Photo By: leo.craig (Creative Commons)

I read a discussion on a site I frequent about how telling people they are going to hell in not the way to get them to love and accept God’s love.

I don’t disagree.

The question was  “is it really loving to tell someone their going to Hell if they don’t accept Christ?” I actually think it is a legitimate question. It is one that Christians should be asking themselves- but I doubt they will.

This is the same group that is all fired up to wipe homosexuals off the planet while ignoring the fact that God sees ALL our sin the EXACT same way – that we’re all sinners, we were all born into sin we all need God’s love and his grace.

Well first off,  scare tactics do not work. Not in faith, not in life. To just run up to someone and tell them they’re going to Hell would not be loving – it would be stupid.  That would not have the desired effect – unless that desire was the person thinking you’re crazy. In fact, that is one of the problems Ihave with the street corner preacher guys. They yell and scream and rail against sin – specifically the sin that is taking place right in front of them but they show no love, no compassion they win no hearts.

Makes you wonder how a guy like Jonah preached in Nineveh, to city and a people that he hated – but the repented didn’t they. Maybe the street guys are on to something…nahhhh.

I have a question of my own – is it loving to not tell them that Hell is real or that the alternative to not accepting Christ will be Hell. There is not another way – Jesus said so himself.

The way I see it is that it would be far less loving to see a person walking toward certain death and not warn them that you know a way to walk to safely. Do you open with, “Hey! Turn to God or you go to Hell!”

No, of course not.

But would you call it loving to see someone was headed toward a cliff  and not point them in the right direction? Do they have to believe you? Will they believe you? Will they follow the path you tell them is the right path – not always, no, but we have a responsibility to tell them the truth.

If you had medicine that would make someone feel better but didn’t offer it to them would that be showing them love? .

So, what is it? I mean, I get it Heaven will be awesome so naturally you want everyone to be able to get there and they can they just have to believe the truth of Christ. Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord – I paraphrased but the link has the actual quote –  but the point is that everyone CAN get to Heaven the unfortunate truth is that not every one is going to get there.

Will some of those be scared into it? Perhaps. But I think more will make it by telling them about the love of God and the expression of that Love through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. But you HAVE to tell them about why he died, you have to tell them about their sin and how Jesus died in their place and that ALL they have to do is believe that he did that for them and part of what he did was save them from Hell

Do you think it is more loving to warn someone about the reality of Hell or simply love them and never tell them why. Leave me a comment or two and let’s talk about it.


Maybe telling someone the benefits of a situation is better than telling them about the disadvantages. For instance if you see a snake you would tell the person to just come over here, or move slowly. If you tell them why, they react in the wrong way usually panic, and end up getting bit.

    But ultimately you do tell them. Like I said – I would not open with that or run up telling them their sinners bound for hell – though according to the Bible that is the truth – but I also would not tell them or lead them to believe that “hey, no big if you don’t, have a great life!”

    Thanks for stopping by Mike and commenting. Appreciate your input.

Hell is not an easy subject to discuss with anyone and being blunt about it is usually not the best approach. However too many of us, since we don’t want to be blunt about it, avoid the subject at all and that is where we fall short on this one. Jesus actually talked about Hell more than Heaven so I think that is a pretty good indication of His perspective. When he talking about it it usually included “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Thanks for “telling them” and reminding us again that Hell is Real and will not be empty.

    Stan, Thanks for stopping by and commenting – it is a HARD subject. It is so easy to scare folks off by talking about Hell because it makes us sound crazy – but you know what really scares me? The idea of standing in front of God on the final day and Him pointing to a group of folks that did not hear the truth and then say – “they were YOUR responsibility.” Thanks again. Please don’t be a stranger.

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