Sunday Special – Father’s Day, Don’t Assume It’s Happy

My Father's Day Gift 2013

My Father’s Day Gift 2013

When I sat down to write about Father’s Day, it was my intention to talk about the positive things and the great things about dads in general and – for me – the great things about being a dad.

Then I started thinking about all the statistics I have read over the last few years as I have been working with men and men’s groups – the few that we’ve had – at our church. And, men, the sad truth is…


There are stats all over the inter-web that show the importance of the presence of a father in the home.

From poverty rates, to high school graduation, to incarceration and salvation  the simple fact is that homes with fathers and mothers – sorry ladies, you’re doing the best you can, I get that – are doing better at getting the job done.

Now I am not much of a stat guy. I believe you can make numbers say what you want and depending on your perspective you may focus more on the negative side of a number – whatever. The fact is that as we’re not living up to God ordained responsibilities – and I am talking about men that do and men that don’t claim to follow Jesus Christ.

And yes, I thought it fitting to rail against my brothers on Father’s Day.

The folks at the “National Fatherhood Initiative” have some very scary numbers about what happens when a father is absent from the home – higher poverty, higher incarceration, lower school completion, higher teen pregnancy – all areas that need to be reversed.

I was given a poem from Father’s Day titled “Walk With Me, Daddy” by Helen Bush – see the picture above –  the simplicity of what she says is jaw dropping and scares the crap out me.

Fathers, I know our job is tough. I know there is a lot riding on our efforts. I know some of you are out there in the trenches fighting as though a life depends on it,  good – because one does.


Maybe your kid’s.

Please, if you’re not living up to your responsibilities as a father or you you’re in a place too dark to even think about how important you are to your children and you have found your way here – please do not continue to do nothing – your kids need you.

I KNOW you ended up here for a reason. There is hope. I know it, I have seen it, I have tasted and accepted it.

Call someone you know, call a local church, send me a message. Do Something today so that next year I don’t have to scold you again.


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