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Your Efforts need to be FOCUSED

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Before I started setting GOALS I would be carried along by whatever whim I felt at whatever time of day the feeling overtook me.

I was dust in the wind – that should be a song title….

Even since I started making and writing down my GOALS any half-hearted attempt I made at achieving them has been met with as much resistance as any attempt to make a movie feature a cyborg going back in time to save the Titanic – actually that’s the first time that’s even occurred to me – if you know someone that wants to talk script let me know. (more…)


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At the Truth Factory in Lakeland, FL

114 Parker Street

$5.00 at the door

C’mon out and support LIVE LOCAL comedy; oh, and I’ll be there too!


The Truth Factory

The Truth Factory

Bacon Wars

I am sure George Lucas will be fine with this!

Thanks to

Thanks to

Smell bacon do I?

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Waka Waka Waka!

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Photo found at Christian Memes on FB


Better Than U-Haul

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313  Bet there are more chips in a Patriots ball too!


Screen-Shot-2015-02-02-at-10.01.30-AMBet he wishes he could get this one back, huh?

Photo By: John Assink (Creative Commons)

Photo By: John Assink (Creative Commons)

Again I find myself in a place where I feel I need to take my fellow Christ followers to task. To remind them of all the things that Jesus said about love and forgiveness and how we seem to not want to show that to people today.