Whose “Word” Are You Listening To?

Photo By: John Assink (Creative Commons)

Photo By: John Assink (Creative Commons)

Again I find myself in a place where I feel I need to take my fellow Christ followers to task. To remind them of all the things that Jesus said about love and forgiveness and how we seem to not want to show that to people today.

Have we so easily and quickly forgotten the evil and darkness from which we were saved? The sin that consumed our lives to the point that were every bit is wretched as the people who need to know Jesus?

People that desperately NEED to see that Jesus doesn’t just love them – he DIED for them. But they see us, instead?

Not only am I growing weary of this but, to be honest, it’s causing me to think maybe my mindset is off.

Maybe I am wrong about the need to SHOW God’s love to EVERYONE.

I mean, how can so many people that claim to believe what I believe say things that seem so completely out of phase with what I see so clearly in the same book.

Then I start thinking maybe they read a different translation. So, I scour other versions looking at the same verses I use and it seems to me that they’re the same.

So, where is the issue coming in?

How is that people that follow Jesus Christ can see thing so differently, to the point that we’re causing people to turn and run as fast as they can from a relationship, a love that will change their today, tomorrow and forever?

So, I asked the question, “What version of scripture do you read?” The answer, “I don’t.”

I don’t.

Now, to be fair, there was more to the answer but the gist came down to a complete lack of personal time spent in God’s word. Instead, they relied on what was preached to them on the occasions they ventured into their church.

How do you NOT read what you’re confessing to believe?

Would you attempt to drive across the country without reading your own map? Or, at the very least checking your own GPS – man, how old am I?

Seriously, some guy tells you that a man died on a cross and ROSE FROM THE DEAD and you don’t feel the need to check out the source material?

Do you work for a major news organization or something?

I mean, it takes a lot of faith to believe that – and I do – but I have read the book. I have seen the words. I have looked at other source material to verify, talked to people “in the know.”

I have done some homework.

And this is not about their faith being stronger than mine – at least I was not looking at it like that – sheesh – but even God’s word said to test whatever you hear.

If you don’t verify what you’re told – you’ll likely believe anything like a leaf being blown about on the wind.

Please if you do not have a copy of God’s word I will send you one. Here’s a link to a site with several versions – I am sure there are other sites as well.

Do you read God’s word yourself or leave it to other people to tell you what it says? Do you have a favorite version – a least favorite? Let me know.


Lack of trust. That is the simple answer. People will grasp on to real things, not mythical humans who have no real evidence of existence. Just stories, that may or may not be true.
Like you said people choose not to read the word for themselves, and why would they, is it not easier to have somebody do things for you? If somebody is going to read for you and explain what is being read, why should they read it for themselves? Yes I know that the bible says to read it yourself, but if the Preacher doesn’t say that how do you know? I mean really. He is somebody they can see, touch, hear, and ask questions. The preacher interrupt’s things for them, telling the people what he believes is being said, which may or may not be the truth. Thus we have the birth of denominations. The Bible says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5
This is the root of the problem and the keys to the locks. As humans we have come to believe that we are right, we are the ones who understand and can make our own realizations about the word.
I mean really God knew this, He knew all along what would happen. He knew as humans we would fall short of this. Do you think if they would NOT have tried to lean on their own understanding, that the crucifixion would have taken place?
So I agree that you should challenge other Christians, but how many people in a congregation ask question during the sermon? I know I don’t, but perhaps I shall be the first.

    Good points – I have wondered about how different things would be had Jesus been accepted the first time.

    I don’t think people are lazy – not completely – and I am not surprised that they don’t read the Word themselves – it removes a lot of the responsibility that come with it – for example the command Jesus gave to go out and make disciples. On one hand, if you don’t know he said that then how can you follow through? On the other, I believe if you have a genuine relationship with Christ then you “naturally” have a desire to find out more – drawn, of course, by the Holy Spirit.

    There is a blog I read and we’re having a similar conversation you should check it out.

    Thanks for commenting.

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