Your Efforts need to be FOCUSED



Before I started setting GOALS I would be carried along by whatever whim I felt at whatever time of day the feeling overtook me.

I was dust in the wind – that should be a song title….

Even since I started making and writing down my GOALS any half-hearted attempt I made at achieving them has been met with as much resistance as any attempt to make a movie feature a cyborg going back in time to save the Titanic – actually that’s the first time that’s even occurred to me – if you know someone that wants to talk script let me know.

Like anything that is achieved – achievable or GOAL accomplished –  it takes effort.

And I would say it takes FOCUSED effort to make that possible.

It just so happens that today’s post is about our FOCUSED efforts.



As acronyms go this one is as meaningless as the rest – unless you like these – as I do. Which is why they’ve become common place here. The following is a “suggestion” by yours truly as a means to hopefully, helpfully assist you in realizing your 2016 GOALS – need some help getting those down on paper? Check THIS out.

F– Fervent is defined as “felt very strongly : having or showing very strong feelings” – thank you Mr. Webster. If your GOALS are boring or mundane then your efforts will undoubtedly lack fervency. We don’t want that. Make your GOALS something you WANT to achieve – better – make them something you MUST achieve and attack them with reckless abandon – that’d make good band name.

O – Observable mean you have to see results. As with anything else If you’re spinnin’ your wheels not seeing your work produce anything then you’ll give in and give up before you finish. Imagine reading a book with a thousand pages but they’re all numbered “page 1” – you could read for a week and even though you’ve made some progress you won’t really know it. Seeing your biceps grow keeps you motivated to pick up another dumbbell – some people pick up dumbbells for worse reasons too but that’s another post for another time.

C – Carefree seems like an odd word to use here but it starts with a “C” and makes more sense that “catacomb” – you know I am right. To be “carefree” doe s not mean you don’t care about your GOALS it means you’re not worried about the other cares of your life. That leaves you open to pursue your dreams and thereby achieve your GOALS – but you must CARE about them otherwise why pursue them?

U – Useful – well duh! If it’s not useful in some way then you’re wasting your time. Whether you’re taking a class to get a better job, graduate school or learn how to fix something in your house spend your time wisely – I mean – this is why we wrote all our GOLAS down in the first place! Right?

S – Selfless is the best way to make sure that all your GOALS serve others. No higher calling has a man than to lay down his life for his brother – I read that somewhere. I believe that whenever possible our GOALS and or efforts should be directed at making the world a better place – and for me specifically point others to Jesus Christ.

E – Excited – Not unlike being useful if you’re not excited about your GOALS then why did you even get outa bed today? Perhaps you haven’t yet – then get up and get excited! Go eat something and be someone today! Jezze-o-Pete!

D – Determined – BE DETERMINED to achieve what you set out to achieve. Don’t give up. Don’t give in and don’t let ANYONE tell you not to see your dream come to fruition. That person is a jerk and likely never ate ice cream as a child. Pity them for a second…NOW forget them and all the distractions and go be AWESOME! There are few feeling that compare – positively – to that of realizing a dream or GOAL.


The Marines are known as “The few and the proud” because few even DARE to set foot on Parris Island – or San Diego – and once you walk across that blacktop you know you’ve done something that most people won’t ever try. I cannot nor can these suggestions make you a Marine. They also are not a guarantee that you’ll see your GOALS through – but I can promise you this if you don’t try – you’ll be in the same place this time next year a year older and wishing you’d done something with the time you’ve been given.


Thoughts or comments? Step up to the MIC – it’s open and you’re time has started.

Y’all keep the acorn spinnin’



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