The Writing Is The Hardest Part

I try writing every day – I am a firm believer in the Seinfeldian – DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN – train of thought.

In 2014 I frequently used the hashtag – #dontbreakthechain for motivation and encouragement to me fellow writers.

I love writing – and I do – I also hate writing or at least the act of getting started. It seems once I am typing away or scribbling then I am fine but it takes some effort to get me seat and going. So far this year I have not missed a day of writing – I have not broken the chain – of course so far it’s only 7 links in length. But I take solace in the fact that it has length at all. Last year I simply had a bunch of loose links laying all over my office and the internet.

No consistency no improvement (tweet that – of course you’ll have to cut and paste b/c I don’t have that cool plug in yet!).

One of my 2016 GOALS is to write every day. At least one front and back sheet of paper every day. The main idea being material generation but some of it is just getting the engine running. A couple times I have finished my back side and quit due to hand cramping and no real ideas – good or bad. I am just OK writing BAD jokes as I am writing stuff I will use – it’s all practice.

So no matter what your passion is – comedy, poetry, music, gibberish or mountain climbing – that was quite a jump huh – spend some time EVERY DAY working on it.

There Is no way you’ll get better otherwise.

What do you struggle with? Step to the MIC and let’s talk it through.

Y’all keep the acorn spinnin’


Good for you! Writing does involve being intentional, doesn’t it? And sometimes, when we think we have nothing to say, the mere act of putting something on paper (or computer) is the very thing that opens the floodgates.

What do I struggle with? Being grateful. And this is the year that God has placed that word upon my heart to focus on. I think He wants me to break out of my nervous, negative mold. To this end, I am choosing one thing each day that I’m grateful for, and writing a bit about it. So far, so good!


    Good word to work on – it’s a tough one for all of us. Interesting you’d mention “one word”. I read something at the end of 2015 about a “One Word” project where you focus on “one word” for the entire year. Guess you’re all over that. Let me know how it’s going – I’d certainly be grateful 🙂

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