Doing What I Do for God

Photo By : redspotted

Photo By : redspotted

I am always a little scared when I start to write a post.

Will someone agree with it? Will they like it? Will they leave a good comment or tear me to shreds? Will they share it, Face Book it, tweet or Pin it? Will they subscribe to my site? Will they read something I have already written?

Will anyone read it at all? Besides my mom – that is.

I sit in my little workspace and stare at the screen sometimes for hours and instead of writing I do the usual – check email, Twitter, see if anyone has liked my last FB update, watch way too much of the Rays game. Read some other blog.

Often I check the library website to see if there are any audio books or eBooks that I need to read – despite the fact that I have an audio book in my car that I am already listening to as well as a book on the Kindle already.

I get to the point of frustration that drives me to push in my keyboard tray and decide to just not publish the next day – I mean who would notice right?

Well for starters –I would.

I would know and I refuse to give into that temptation. I committed a few months ago that I would post three times a week – not three random times, that breeds inconsistencies – but Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So, far so good.  This was the advice of after my friend Sammy. He said that I needed to be more consistent in my posts. You can check out his blog here – I recommend that you do.

But I think someone else would notice too.  God.

God gave me this ability – the ability to write, to open up a conversation with people and express myself and give people the opportunity and the arena to express themselves as well.

To build relationships.

For me that’s one of the most important things – the relationships. It is hard though. I mean, there are – I am guessing but I bet I am not too far off – thousands of blogs out there and each one is vying for readers, a way to connect and be heard to build relationships.

That’s cool but the whole reason I write is because I have the God given ability so for me, to not write dishonors God. It’s like saying to Him,

“Yeah Lord, I get it, you want me to write but no one is reading anyway. So why use your gift? Later, God”

I have said before that to write, for me, is an act of worship. It is not different than someone that sings or plays guitar, leads a bible study, buys a meal for a homeless man, helps out at a soup kitchen, or does someone’s taxes.

I do what I do because it’s what God made me to do. To not would be a slap in the face – and I am nowhere near big enough to slap God.

Are you worshiping God with what you do or giving into the fear?


I like this approach. The discipline to do things, such as write regularly, is best when it flows out of a passion – in this case, a passion for worshiping God in the little things. Great stuff!

AMEN and well said!

Your mom reads…wow! Can’t get my family too 🙂 (well on occasion a few read but RARELY comment)

Plain and simple……I am giving into fear, it SUCKS! It really does, but the more i read your post the more I find a direction. The more I challenge myself. The more I understand my fears. Here is why; When I sit down at my computer and bring up your blog, I find myself bringing my Bible with me. For me, that is a huge deal because my Bible has sat in my desk drawer for 3 years collecting dust. So I am thankfull for your post, and thanks for challenging me.

    Nick, WOW! Thank you so much. I am beyond humbled to think that anything I have written has brought you to the point of spending more time in God’s word but I am glad that it has – but I can tell you that this was the work of the Holy Spirit and nothing I did myself. One of the great things about our God is that three years is not a big deal to him – He’s been waiting for you and knew you’d be looking for him – NOTHING surprises him. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need something – that’s why I am here.

I really enjoyed reading this. I connected with it for different reasons…Points on God, wondering if anyone reads mom can’t (she doesn’t have internet nor does she have a computer) LOL, writing because it’s a passion from God, using what I have for the good of others…and your pic of the sheet of paper got my attention. I recently wrote a letter to Miley Cyrus as a blog, and used the same idea as the pic. I haven’t read your other posts yet, but I will. If they are like this one, we have similar writing styles. So…YES I LOVE THIS! 🙂

    WOW! Thank you so much for the kind words, glad the piece resonated with you. I will head over to check out your blog. I figure most bloggers even the heavy hitters “wonder” at times who is reading – if anyone. My numbers are not where I think I want them but I keep plugging away because occasionally someone – like you – says they relate and that is what this is all about relating.

    Hang in there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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