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Thursday Special – Guest Post at Sammy’s

Today, I have the honor and privilege to be guest posting at a terrific site, Sammy’s got a great site. He writes consistently thought provoking posts – I highly recommend you check out his writing while you’re there.

The title of my piece is “Kicking Down the Doors” and can be found HERE or HERE (same link but just one “here” did not seem adequate).

Feel free to leave comments – as always – either here or at Sammy’s.

I’ll be back to my regular schedule next week – I might even post a short poem I have been working tomorrow for Poetry Friday but Monday for SURE!

Have a great weekend and please show Sammy some love by reading and commenting on his stuff his site can be found HERE and HERE 🙂

Doing What I Do for God

Photo By : redspotted

Photo By : redspotted

I am always a little scared when I start to write a post.

Will someone agree with it? Will they like it? Will they leave a good comment or tear me to shreds? Will they share it, Face Book it, tweet or Pin it? Will they subscribe to my site? Will they read something I have already written?

Will anyone read it at all? Besides my mom – that is.

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