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Guest Post on Tampa Bay Moms Blog

Hey Gang,

Today, I have the pleasure of guest posting at the Tampa Bay Moms Blog. They are featuring “daddy’s” this week for Father’s Day.

The post is called  “Changes” and you can find it here or here.

Please leave some comments and check out some of the other posts.




Friday Poetry and A Guest Post

Photo By:  Daquella Manera (CC)

Photo By: Daquella Manera (CC)

Editor’s Note* – This morning I am only publishing a short poem titled “untitled” as I am being featured on the site Careless in the Care of God as a guest poster – not like one you’d find in your bedroom, assuming your a teenager still.  You can get to her site at the link above or by clicking here. To get to my post click here or here.

The site belongs to my new friend April Best and It would be great if you check out some of her posts and showed her some comment love while you’re there – please let her know how you found her site – we love that sort of thing. Now, without further ado…

Thursday Special – Guest Post at Sammy’s

Today, I have the honor and privilege to be guest posting at a terrific site, Sammy’s got a great site. He writes consistently thought provoking posts – I highly recommend you check out his writing while you’re there.

The title of my piece is “Kicking Down the Doors” and can be found HERE or HERE (same link but just one “here” did not seem adequate).

Feel free to leave comments – as always – either here or at Sammy’s.

I’ll be back to my regular schedule next week – I might even post a short poem I have been working tomorrow for Poetry Friday but Monday for SURE!

Have a great weekend and please show Sammy some love by reading and commenting on his stuff his site can be found HERE and HERE 🙂

Saturday Night Special – FREE eBooks at ‘Till He Comes

Good evening PADAG readers, a blogging friend of mine wants to give you free eBooks.

Jeremy Myers at Till He  covers deep theological topics in such a way that is not above people’s heads, are easy to understand and can be entertaining.

Reading his blog has opened my eyes to several different ways to practice our faith and see things from a perspective that I am not always exposed to. After spending time reading Jeremy’s posts I have been exposed to many other writers I might not have found and I feel I have grown over the last year or so as a result.

Simply follow the link to his site – there is another one right here – and sign up for his newsletter. He’ll send you a copy of one of his books immediately PLUS  he gives all his subscribers a copy of all his new books when they come out AND he’s got a new book coming out – “Put the Service Back into the Church Service” –  in a couple weeks – so you’ll get two books in just a short time.

Put Service Back into the Church ServiceHead over and help support Jeremy, learn something  and get free stuff !

Check Out My Guest Post at

My friend Sammy has a great blog  – check it out here – and has been nice enough to allow me to guest post.

The post is called “Change the Way You Think” and it is in line with the stuff I have been writing recently. Please check it out and leave some comments.

While you’re there check out some of Sammy’s posts. Blending  his unique vision and wit Sammy captures life and presents it in a refreshing and enjoyable way. His blog has become a regular stop for me. I know you’ll enjoy his work as much as I do.

Thank you, as always, and please let me know what you think about “Change the Way You Think“.

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