Friday Poetry and A Guest Post

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Guest Post, Poetry
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Photo By:  Daquella Manera (CC)

Photo By: Daquella Manera (CC)

Editor’s Note* – This morning I am only publishing a short poem titled “untitled” as I am being featured on the site Careless in the Care of God as a guest poster – not like one you’d find in your bedroom, assuming your a teenager still.  You can get to her site at the link above or by clicking here. To get to my post click here or here.

The site belongs to my new friend April Best and It would be great if you check out some of her posts and showed her some comment love while you’re there – please let her know how you found her site – we love that sort of thing. Now, without further ado…



I try to not be jealous

I’m jealous and I want what they all have.

I try to not be angry

I’m furious and I exhaust myself with hate.

I try to not try

but I fail time and time again.

I try to give it all away

But I refuse to let it go

Help me, Lord.

Oh, Lord – please help me.


* About the “Editor’s Note” there is no editor here, it’s me and I don’t really edit – just thought you should know that.

  1. april says:

    your note of the editor’s note made me laugh! 🙂

    • mickholt says:

      Glad it made you laugh – which when you think about the fact that I renamed you “Amy” it was also a bit prophetic!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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