God’s Will Should Not Be a Surprise or Mystery

Photo By: James Cridland (CC)

Photo By: James Cridland (CC)

God has made redemption so easy.

Have faith – you’re good. Accept his gift – you’re in. Trust what Jesus did on the cross – you’re solid.

It is no more complicated than that.

But as his creation, we make it harder. We make it complicated. In our heads we convince ourselves that NOTHING can be that easy.

It is.

Figuring out God’s will for your life is almost as simple. If you’re paying attention – that is.

Most of us are in situations careers, occupations or J-O-Bs, we may not like them but in most cases it is not God’s will that we leave the situation we’re in when we begin our relationship with Christ.

This may not be true for everyone or every situation however, in 1 Corinthians chapter 7 Paul says:

 “Each of you should continue to live in whatever situation the Lord has placed you, and remain as you were when God first called you. … The important thing is to keep God’s commandments.

Yes, each of you should remain as you were when God called you…Each of you, dear brothers and sisters,should remain as you were when God first called you. (17, 19-20 & 24 NLT)”

Paul’s telling us to stay put, do what you do – don’t rock the boat. For most people that’s solid advice.

There are a few that are “called” out to do vocational ministry, to leave home and go to the mission field but it is pretty clear that he wants us maintain the status quo and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So, look around you and see what you’re already doing it is likely where God wants you.

Even if it is what you were doing before your relationship with Christ.

We all have dreams and there is nothing wrong with pursuing them but you have to make sure that you’re not getting caught up in the emotion of your salvation – God may want you to preach his word to a stadium full of      100,000 people or he may want you to lead a bible study at work with one.


this, I needed to hear…I think my pride tells me that I am called to be a speaker for larger audiences but I think RIGHT NOW I am very much meant for where I am and need to build a foundation…


    Your dream my well be to speak to large crowds – and there’s nothing wrong with pursuing our dreams – I believe they’re placed in our hearts by God. But God’s timing is perfect and as you said “right now” might not be in HIS time.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I do appreciate it. Please, don’t be a stranger.

1 or 100,000- ALL are equally important to God.

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