Depends On What You Sow

Photo By: Adam Arthur (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Adam Arthur (Creative Commons)

Don’t you just love the “prosperity” gospel? It is so motivating and full of hope and joy.

That is until you realize that you’re not getting the things you’ve been told you’ll get.

Wait, where is my new car? New job? New house? The promotion that I don’t deserve in the first place?

I would be lying If I said I have not fallen into the trap of “name it claim it” in fact it is the source of the 1 million dollar question I struggle with – read about that here.

I do not want to be held down, backed up or blocked by “success” theology and miss out on what these scriptures are really saying.

In EVERY situation God wants to be first. No, better, God deserves to be first. But how often do we put him there?

Words like “commit,” trust” and “seek” are common but way overlooked by those preachers, or worse, omitted because, let’s face it, knowing there is a commitment involved makes it harder to sit and ask God for something that we almost certainly don’t need.

Now, I believe that God wants to not only give us life and give it abundantly, of that there can be no question. God says it in several places but it is always tied to committing to, seeking and trusting God.

Nowhere does the Bible or God promise that he will grant us these desires of our heart here on Earth. In this life there may be nothing but toil and work. That’s just what we read into the text to get excited.

Depends on what you sow.

Of course I want the kind of success that our society says is so important but I want that because I am from this cursed and evil world. My whole life, I have been tuned by the thoughts and ideas that are popular in this world.

But all that has changed with my relationship with Christ.

At least, I hope it has.

Now, I want to be successful in the eyes of God. I want to do what he wants so that others see the change God has made in me and my life.

I want people that don’t know Christ to see the sin in their lives and for them to come to know that they’re not alone.  That there is an answer for them and that answer is Jesus.

God will forgive your sin – no matter what that sin happens to be.

I want to glorify God and lead others to glorify him also.

Whatever I do – I do for the glory of God.

Do you live for God’s glory or your own? Do you believe that God will REALLY give you the desires of your heart? Leave a comment below.


Great post. I’ve heard too many people misquote or misinterprete these verses.

When we seek God first, HE will change our desires to match His -that way, you’re asking for what He already wants to give you and that’s always best-even if it doesn’t match up with what society thinks is what’s best.

I’ve come to the point in my writing career (or lack there of) that I don’t want anything that’s not from God. I never want to be published if it’s not from Him and doesn’t bring Him glory. I want HIS will to be done and not mine.

    Exactly, but it all starts, as you said, with seeking him – FIRST. Based on what I have read, I think you’ll get published when you’re ready. You’re doing a fine job of glorifying HIM. Best of luck.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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