Friday Forum – What’s On YOUR Mind?

55834-thFor several weeks now, I have been limiting my Friday posts to the more intuitive, less structured side of my writing and to be honest today I was dry, done spent.

This week,  I have been flat, tired, disinterested and and just plain frustrated with life. Usually I find those times to be a veritable playground for free expression – not so this week.

But I sat down today, despite that, feeling as though I owed it to you all to show up today based on the AMAZING effort you all made to help me reach 1000 page views by the end of last month – Thank you, again, by the way.

Never give up. Never surrender – that is, after all, what Satan wants

While I was trying to peck out something that had meaning, depth and more sensibility than the power ballad’s of one of the greatest generations of music EVER I still felt flat, tired, disinterested and and just plain frustrated with life.

Could it just be me? Well, yeah it COULD but perhaps not only me so…

Today is for YOU!

Whatever is on YOUR mind I want to know!

Want to get something off YOUR chest? The floor is YOURS.

I don’t care what it is as long as it matters to YOU – I will of course respond to any and all comments but today the ball is in YOUR court.

Politics, steroids, the start of football season, the “n” word, YOUR favorite TV show’s been cancelled, schools starts too soon – again, YOU’VE read the best book ever, YOU’RE a follower of Jesus, YOU want to know what it means to be a follower of Jesus, YOU’RE mad at God, YOU think God’s mad at YOU.


Whatever is on YOUR mind, today, PADAG belongs to YOU.

So, what’s on YOUR  mind?


You tired and out of words ? …sorry to hear it, but this has to be the very first time that this has happened. I’ve known you for many, many years and never known you to be to tired or even to frustrated to write. I hope you start feeling better real soon !

I know you get tired, I just have never seen you to the point that you didn’t want to write. Okay then, I have known you for many, many, many years ! Better ?

Something to say? Grab the MIC!

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