Turbo, Jesus Christ and Accepting the Supernatural

From the Movie Turbo

From the Movie Turbo

Over the weekend my wife – TL&T – and  I took the Boy to see Turbo. As far as super fast snail movies go – it was not bad. In fact it was actually pretty good.

If I did movie reviews – and anyone that knows me knows I critique every movie I see – I would give Turbo four out of five whatever’s.

“White Shadow

After all the feel good movie type stuff faded,  I walked away thinking how the life of the main snail really mirrors our lives as we learn to trust

God and live our lives for him and how we absolutely cannot do anything without his help.

Like Turbo, we’re stuck in our shell.

We are what we are, destined to do what God has placed us here to do – regardless of the limitations life places on us or lies Satan whispers in our ears.

However, we have to believe that we CAN do what we’re CALLED to do. James says (1:5-6) God will give us wisdom if we ask and believe that we’ll get what we ask for – he’s right but I think it applies in other areas of our lives as well.

We could be the best EVER at whatever we do but if we do not ask God to supernaturally endow us with the confidence in His, first – and secondly ourselves – we’ll likely sit and wonder  – what might have been.

Turbo accidentally stumbles into his supernatural ability – you were born with it ALREADY inside you. You just have to ask God to reveal it to you.

So, what are you waiting for? ASK ALREADY!

Have you tapped into your supernatural ability or are you sitting on the overpass waiting to get sucked into a super charged car?


OK, so very thought-provoking. Amazing how God can teach us lessons anywhere, anytime!

You know, honestly, I think I’m sliming like a snail a lot of the time. I continue to pray for God to show me what direction He wants me to go. And yeah, some Holy Spirit turbo-charging wouldn’t hurt either!


    I do love how His lessons come from any and everywhere – it’s all His so I guess he can do that.
    Yes, keep praying but don’t ignore what you already know about yourself to find the direction – He’s given you clues your whole life. Also, I read in one of the Henry Blackaby studies – I think it was Experiencing God that one of the things we can do to find God’s will is to look for where He’s already working and go join Him.
    Hope that helps.

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