Gospel of Matthew

It Was Not Jesus’ Will to Die

From Indian Jones and the Last Crusade

From Indian Jones and the Last Crusade

It is not always easy to follow God. This is a lesson I learned – ironically as  I taught it this morning.

Jesus knew the final outcome of his mission here on Earth. He knew that he would ascend to glory and sit at God’s right hand. He was with God when the plan was devised. He helped implement it from the beginning but he had to go through Hell to get there – literally.

The Gospel According to Facebook

Jesus re-post

I don’t mean to brag but I am on Facebook – a lot!

See nothing to brag about there. In fact, I should probably cut back some of my “facebooking” – I love how we’ve turned a social media site into a part of speech.

VERB! That’s what’s happening.

The more time I spend mindlessly scrolling through what my friends from high school did over the weekend and who is seeing what movie the more I am aware of how it is used as a means to express your personal feeling and beliefs. You can freely rail against Liberals, openly assail the Tea Party, support this cause or that, post a picture for an hour to raise awareness for Autism, MS and the need for the BUCS to dump their failing…TEAM.

OK – I wanted to get mine in there too.

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