Poetry Friday – How? Why? What?

Photo By: Ir3127 (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Ir3127 (Creative Commons)

How do you know the heart in me; when I hardly know it myself?

How do you love me so completely, when I cannot let go?

How do you know just what to say when I’m about to cry?

How do you know what the answer is and I do not know why?

Friday Poetry – The Course Of Things

Photo By: Stevendepolo (Creative Commons)

Photo By: Stevendepolo (Creative Commons)

The course of things that changed forever remains forever changed.

Can you accept the unacceptable, a testament to pain.


Rejoice you sinner, live and breathe and let your anger fly;

Return my Savior, take my hand I long to see your face.

Turn my heart back toward you and take my life away.

I give you all the gifts I have; I only ask your love.

To move, to see, to hate, to feel it’s all the same to me;

To stay, be blind, to love, to hide to simply sit and be.

Open up your mind to me so I can see the truth;

Fill me with the light of life and teach me how to share.

Drive from me the lust of life for my own selfish gain;

Revive my want to be your tool to love and serve and save.

Friday Poetry – Excessive Indifference

Photo By: ellenm1 (Creative Commons)

Photo By: ellenm1 (Creative Commons)

Excessive indifference, soft painted heart, hallow space in time.

Imprisoned in my empty dreams; seems that they’re not mine.

50th Post, Friday Poetry and Shameless Plug

Hello readers,

Photo By: Wonderlane

Photo By: Wonderlane

Thank you, in advance, for stopping by. I honestly appreciate you sharing your time with me and my thoughts. Friday’s have become the day that I have been posting my version of poems. Today’s is titled “Adrift” and it is a lot more sing songy than I normally write – I blame Hair Metal. Please let me know what you think.

I Am Man. I Am a Child.

thinking monkey

Photo By: irishwildcat – Creative Commons

I am empty, void of emotion, tired, jealous, angry.

I am man. I am a child. I am lost. I am nothing in my eyes. What could I possibly be to you?

I am filled with doubt, driven by unbelief, consumed with confusion and held down by pain of my own making. A choice.

I am beaten by my thoughts, blinded by hate and fooled by my heart.  A shadow screams at a whimper of angst.  Childish dreams wrenched from the hand of man twice dead.


Unsteady departure – the tracks are just a head. I don’t know which way to turn.
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