Your Treasure May Be God’s Plan

Photo By: karindalziel (Creative Commons)

Photo By: karindalziel (Creative Commons)

In Luke’s gospel, Jesus is quoted saying “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Luke 12:34 KJV).” In this verse he’s referring to what we pay attention to or where our priorities lie determines how or where we spend our time and live our lives.

I am not going to argue that – I mean Jesus said it, right?

What I am going to do is use that to illustrate how that concept fits within the confines of picking your direction and going!

The other day I wrote about dreams. The things we want to do or the things God wants for us. You can read that post here. To borrow the words of our Lord and savior, where your time, mind and heart is your path may be also – I know I am not as eloquent as Jesus but he’s Jesus.

So, the idea here is that you may already be doing what you’re supposed to do for God’s glory. Right where you are. Doing what you do. Living your life. Doing the job you’ve been doing for years.

I don’t believe that God makes it a habit to call you out of the life you’ve been living to become an evangelist if you’ve never spoken to a group larger than your fantasy football buddies – not to say he can’t, it’s just not the norm.

More than likely, God wants you to continue to live your life for him without changing EVERYTHING about your life. I mean your job and your friends, etc– because they need to know Jesus too and guess who has an open door to introduce Him to them?

I am not saying to stop dreaming or to give up your dream just to reach those in your current circles but if you have spent your life learning computers, you like your job and you don’t feel a particular pull to do anything else then you’re where you need to be already.

Remembering that God is always in control, you might be called to totally revamp your life. You might be asked to move to another city, to another state maybe, if you’re lucky, another country. You might be asked to a lot of things.

Again, unlikely.

God’s plan for you is so carefully planned out that you’re probably already living it – especially if you’ve accepted the truth of Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

So if you’re looking around and trying to figure out what direction you need to go to please and glorify God, first try looking at your life as it is, your job your hobbies the things you know. It may just be that God has not hidden his plan for you so deep – it might be right there in what you’re already doing.

Do you think what you’re doing is what God’s called you to do or are you you searching? Leave some comments and let me know what your thoughts are.

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