Through Cancer and In Health

Breast Cancer RibbonI was sitting on the floor going through a box of old comic books; wrapped up in a story lines of mutants falling in love, fighting and just being cool. I was enraptured by the lines and shadows in the corners, the details on the faces of some of my all time favorite heroes. The depth of emotions that are conveyed in nothing more than a cartoon. Only that’s not right is it? They’re not just cartoons are they? They’re an art form, epic, masterful, enduring.

For a few minutes I was a kid again. Nothing in my life more important than finishing this comic and moving on to see what was happening in another part of the universe. For a few minutes.

The pain in my leg brought me back to reality. It had fallen asleep making it clear that it was not enjoying our trip down memory lane as much as I was. To be fair, I did have the better view. I closed up Special Edition number 16 and pulled myself up off the floor being careful to not step on any of the other books I had left on the floor. I Grabbed a couple books and limped toward the door and out to the kitchen for a drink. I poured the water and planned to take my water and books out to the porch to get some air as I passed the couch I starred at my wife as she rested after another treatment.

You don’t realize when you’re standing at the altar pledging to “love, honor and cherish through sickness and in health” what that is going to look like – especially when the sickness rears it’s oh so ugly head. That day at the altar you only think of the positives, the possibilities, the potential. You never think, and I mean you NEVER think that you’ll be asked to fulfill the “sickness” portion of your commitment and even if you did you would not go much past a cold much less figure you’d have to deal with cancer – twice.

I wonder if on your wedding day someone told you that at some point in the next 12 years you’d be sitting in a doctor’s office hearing the words “you have cancer” if you’d stick around knowing you’d have to have to deal with questions, the pain, the groundswell of emotion, the sleep loss and the tears. I don’t know you and no one is with you so you can answer honestly.

I will.

Knowing the guy I was then – no, I don’t think I would. I doubt you would either and that’s OK. You’re not a bad person because you want to avoid something that you know is going to be physically and emotionally draining and downright painful. You’re just like most people.

Most people.

Jesus came to Earth in human form and endured the most physically and emotionally draining and downright painful experience in history – and he did it with full knowledge that it was going to happen, he even knew when it was going to happen and he did it for his bride.

Jesus is standing at the altar waiting for you. He’s waiting for you and all your baggage, all your hurts, your pain, your addictions and through sickness and in health.

Are you ready to meet Jesus at the altar? What’s keeping you from accepting his love and his sacrifice for you? Leave me a comment and let me know.


I’ve been to the altar to meet Him many times. He’s yet to disappoint!

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