Am I?

What is your direction?Am I angry?

Am I jealous?

Am I stupid?

Am I dense?

Am I afraid?

Am I kidding?

Am I serious?

Am I happy?

Am I sad?

Am I hurt?

Am I depressed?

Am I trying?

Am I succeeding?

Am I lying?

Am I giving up?

Am I trying too hard?

Am I hiding?

Am I living?

Am I dying?

Am I fading?

Am I failing?

Am I falling?

Am I grieving?

Am I saving?

Am I thinking?

Am I tired?

Am I seeking?

Am I searching?

Am I empty?

Am I in denial?

Am I smart?

Am I handsome?

Am I alone?

Am I here?

Am I wrong?

Am I yellow?

Am I content?

Am I doing all I can?

Am I good at something?

Am I good for nothing?

Am I right?

Am I lonely?

Am I Iron Man?

Am I working?

Am I alive?

Am I ready?

Am I ordinary?

Am I revolutionary?

Am a warrior?

Am I a witness?

Am I in color?

Am I invincible?

Am I ready for prime time?

Am I flying?

Am I competent?

Am I over compensating?

Am I a lover?

Am I a winner?

Am I a loser?

Am I what I want to be?

Am I a fighter?

Am I a Marine?

Am I miracle?

Am I a mistake?

Am I dangerous?

Am I going to Heaven?

Am I singing?

Am I sinful?

Am I repentant?

Am I remorseful?

Am I a racist?

Am I a nerd?

Am I educated?

Am I funny?

Am I too short?

Am I single?

Am I reading enough?

Am I a quitter?

Am I proud?

Am I a writer?

Am I a father?

Am I a husband?

Am I available?

Am I nervous?

Am I too old?

Am I kind?

Am I adventurous?

Am I a hypocrite?

Am I satisfied?

Am I worthy?

Am I a character?

Am I clingy?

Am I a good friend?

Am I finished?

Am I running?

Am I capable?

Am I focused?

Am I a fan?

Am I positive?

Am I a clone?

Am I blurry?

Am I decent?

Am I clean?

Am I clear?

Am I homeless?

Am I good company?

Am I a bad husband?

Am I too interested in myself?

Am I willing to move?

Am I sharing?

Am I a giver?

Am I empathetic?

Am I coming home?

Am I sure?

Am I crazy?

Am I a horse breeder?

Am I cowboy?

Am I simple?

Am I controlling?

Am I talented?

Am I listening?

Am I talking?

Am I understood?

Am I appreciated?

Am I rude?

Am I comfortable?

Am I messy?

Am I a slob?

Am I accessible?

Am I reachable?

Am I out of touch?

Am I in the know?

Am I beside myself?

Am I a monster?

Am I an alien?

Am I a visionary?

Am I a follower?

Am I fast?

Am I learning?

Am I slick?

Am I humble?

Am I dumb?

Am I busy?

Am I enjoyable?

Am I engaging?

Am I listening to Him speak?*submitted by a reader – thanks Sharon 🙂

What are you?


That was quite a challenging list?

    As I read back through them – to check for duplicates – I was struck by how honest I was, not that I am not honest the rest of the time.

      Honest, perhaps, but I wonder if sometimes we use the old purging mechanism of whipping ourselves as a part of our understanding of honesty. We place labels of blame. I am thinking about that right now as I write about Edmund in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It is, in many ways, a piece about me, but asks some questions about what it is that God wants us to see when we look in the mirror of our lives and, if in some ways, our beating ourselves up in the name of humility might just be more hurtful then helpful in the coming of His kingdom. Do we need to see with new eyes?

      Not sure I was “whipping” myself. It was intended to be that. Really just a personal inventory. And yes, I think we MUST see ourselves through new eyes. Scripture says we’re new creations in Christ so new eyes makes sense. In that area though, we’re still fighting against “powers and principalities” of THIS world – the world that is current ruled by Satan and he’s free to lie to us every bit as much as he’s allowed to lie to non-believers to affect the way we live our lives. We have to be on guard constantly to keep out of his reach.

      Guess a few of them just sounded like some of Tonia’s sticks.

      🙂 Nice – But really it was just a list.

Am I leaving a comment? That was challenging to read because I wanted to answer every one. Interesting.

    Are you leaving a comment? Yes, yes you are and I appreciate it. Several times I almost broke into a dialogue about one of them. It was hard to not expand.

I enjoyed reading your list – and I’ve also enjoyed the comments. I agree that there’s a fine line between having “humility” when that only means we’re getting down on ourselves. The enemy would love to jump on that bandwagon. But, there’s also a danger in never taking a good, long look in the mirror and seeing if we’re truly reflecting the Lord.

As with everything else, we need the Holy Spirit and His discerning ways of counsel.

Am I listening to Him speak?


Had to do a quick read. Then skim again. Then…think to myself how sincere and, well, soul-searching the questions are. Clingy could be me sometimes. And that’s another project to give to God.

Funny thing is people are all of those things at one time or another in ther life. Am I? Of course. But the thing is the God I follow is not am, He is I Am. Meaning when I say am I? He says yes you are, but I Am just what you need to make it through and be victorious. It’s good to recognizize your weakness cause then I Am can step in with the answers.

    I think it’s great that you said that, “I Am just what you need to make it through and be victorious.” I have been reading 2 Peter this week and in verse 3 of chapter one he says “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness,” which is really only the tip of the iceberg in that chapter but it is a good reminder for all of us.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.

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