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I recently got – what I consider – to be some pretty solid blogging advice from a blog I just happened upon. You can check it out here or here. If you blog I think it might be worth your time.

They offered a free report or a guide or an eBook or an all expenses paid trip to Bali in exchange for my email address so, I submitted. To be honest I am not sure what I got or if I even read it but the thing that I DID read was an offer for a custom review of my blog with advice on how to make it better and increase traffic.

So, I decided what the heck – if nothing else it would be one more person looking at my blog and ultimately isn’t that what we all want? Besides, no one said I have to follow their advice and it’s a good thing because I totally ignored the main thing they said to do – but I will come back to that.

One of the things they said that stood out seemed to be – at least in my opinion – Blogging 101. Make it about your reader not you (Can you tweet that? Of course but you’ll have to cut and paste because I cannot install that cool plug-in).  They said that most of my posts focused on me and eventually I turned the corner and illustrated how to make it about the reader but not until the end – I still took it as a compliment that I they recognized I achieved my goal.

When I set out to write this blog I did it with two things in mind; 1) helping people that are unsure of the direction their lives should take in service of God and B) ultimately God’s glory. I never intended it to be about me – I mean not really.

The reason it stood out is because it’s true. It needs to be about you. It is about you but not JUST you.


The relationship we have with God – assuming you have one otherwise please read this – is exactly that it is A RELATIONSHIP.

Only we don’t treat it like one. We treat it like just another obligation, another THING to do this week, something that either keeps us from doing something else or an excuse we use to get out of doing something even less enjoyable. And I am not even talking about going to a weekly worship service.

And yes, for the record I AM also calling out those of you that have turned away from traditional churches because at some point in your experiences your feeling got hurt or someone said something that you disagreed with or got a position teaching Sunday school and you didn’t – you know what, Jesus was already crucified and He does not need you to be a martyr for him.

He needs, He wants, no – HE DESERVES a relationship.

How do we do that? Easy, do what you did when you fell for that guy or girl you liked and eventually married. Too young to marry how about the video game you’re always playing?

Jesus deservers our time and our efforts – He’ll even reward them.

Remember how you used to think about her. You woke up and wrote her a poem. You used to write “Mrs. Johnny Tannenbaum” on your folders (my apologies to the Tannenbaums).

We don’t do that with God. The most important relationship we WILL EVER have and we make excuses about spending time with Him.

You will chuck your buddies off a boat in the Hillsborough River to hang out with a girl you just met or blow off a big football game but we always put a “C” next to God’s name and drop Him off our priorities list first.

You want to know how I know you do it? Because I DO IT all the time.

Think about all the time and effort you put into your earthly, temporary relationships and how little time you put into eternity.

I am almost embarrassed to not spend more time getting to know Jesus – I mean He was brutally beaten – for you, hung on a cross – for you and died – for you, because to HIM the relationship does mean that much.

Why is it that I cannot find a few stinkin’ minutes every day to read the Bible?  Why can’t you? Better, why don’t we?


**Almost forgot the piece of advice they gave that I totally ignored was to write a post or two and not use the words “I” or “me”.  So, what do I do? Write a post that contains 30 “I”s – 32 if you include those. Now, go get your bible and got to know your savior.


Often, I’m scared to tell Him I love Him, because, well, I’m guilty of staying away too long too. And each time I get stabbed by sin, it comes to me like “well, you deserve it. You stayed away from ur Best Pal.” Guess I’m not the only who gets overwhelmed with trying to make a new venture work. But regardless, Mick, why do we think it’s ‘work’ to stay with Him for 1hour (without looking to get away soon)? Funny, after reading this post, I thought, “Busayo, you’re worried you’ve not written a thing all day, but you’re unconcerned that you’ve not spoken to God the whole day.” Just saying this message hit home and *swallows* I’ve really got to get to my bible now! Thanks, Mick.

    First, no matter how long it’s been since you told him He’s waiting for you to come back to him. As far away from him as you think you are you’re not. He’s not ten feet behind you , he’s not 10 years behind you. When you turn around you’ll find that He is not and never was behind you at all – He’s right beside you – always has been. Being “stabbed” by sin is Satan’s job and he’s good at it. If he knows that you’ll stay away from God because he stabs you guess what’s gonna happen? Stab, stab stab – push through it. In the loudest voice you can muster cry out to Jesus to send Satan away.

    It’s work because Satan does not want us doing it. He knows how to distract you, tell you that you’re sleepy, too busy – you name it he knows the trick. Good luck and thanks for stopping by – let me know if I can do anything for you.

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