So, You Want To Be A Comedian (ME TOO!)


A few years ago, 2005 – to be exact, I swallowed my pride and pushed fear as far down as I could, and found myself on a stage telling jokes – to actual people.

I never wanted it to end. People laughed in almost all the correct spots and in some I had not intended. It was magic.

Never in my life had I felt the rush or satisfaction that I felt that night. I have never done drugs but if that feeling is what heroin addicts feel…I GET IT!

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

My #dontbreakthechain calendar as it looked on 10 JUNE 214

My #dontbreakthechain calendar as it looked on 10 JUNE 214

**Editors Note**

I wrote this back in June so some of the numbers and dates are old but the sentiment is the same. I took me this long to pull the trigger on posting this because I had grown so comfortable with the My 500 crew and was hesitent – to say the least – about making any changes.

God Bless you All


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