So, You Want To Be A Comedian (ME TOO!)


A few years ago, 2005 – to be exact, I swallowed my pride and pushed fear as far down as I could, and found myself on a stage telling jokes – to actual people.

I never wanted it to end. People laughed in almost all the correct spots and in some I had not intended. It was magic.

Never in my life had I felt the rush or satisfaction that I felt that night. I have never done drugs but if that feeling is what heroin addicts feel…I GET IT!

Afterwards, I spent a year or two doing open mics and trying to hone my skills both on stage and as a writer. During that time my wife was twice diagnosed with breast cancer, our only son was born and I decided that I could not be honest with comedy unless I was doing it in a way that honored God.

So began a 5 year hiatus a period of reflection and contemplation – big words to say I quit comedy for a while.

Did I really want to do comedy? Could comedy be done in a way that glorified and honored God? If so, am I the guy to do it?

My answer is YES to all the above.

So, last Sunday I did something I had not done in five years – I swallowed my pride and pushed fear as far down as I could, finding myself on a stage telling jokes.



My plan for this blog, going forward, is to open up a space where I can write about my ideas as they pertain to comedy, faith and the ways in which they cross and effect one another. I will be open to collaborating – to a degree – and if I am so fortunate perhaps incorporate an interview or two.

Mostly, I want to build a community. A community of comics at every level, from every corner of the planet – but the planet does not have corners – where those of us starting out can ask questions and gain some confidence. Participation in this community WILL NOT be predicated on your faith in Jesus but my faith WILL NOT be hidden or shoved in the corner. HE is the reason I do this and in everything I do I try to glorify him.

So, I ‘ll ask again – you want to be a comedian? Sit back, hold on and enjoy the ride because I do too. Let’s drive this bus together.

Keep God FIRST and keep ‘em laughing!


What are some things you would like to see covered as it pertains to stand-up comedy? Leave a comment, subscribe , like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and let me know.




I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and enjoy your special brand of humor over on My 500 Words. I’ve slowed down there myself, busy with getting the book prepped for publication. But I’ll still miss your comments there. Best of luck with everything. I’ll be following you here. May your path be long and bright. God bless you, Mick.

    I have enjoyed getting to now you as well. I will miss the gang but I am glad you’ll be around here – as well as on FB. Thanks and God bless you too.

Mick, good for you!! I am so happy to see that you are pursuing your God-given gift for comedy! I am looking forward to seeing this blog develop that community you so desire. Now, I am not a comedian per se – though at times I think I’m hilarious (HA!). But, I’d love to check in and see how things are going.

I want to be a part of this thing to be an encourager – and to get a laugh or two (or twenty) in the process. So, can I keep coming over?

And, for the record if it matters, I love comedy where the crazy *quirks* that are so true about just being human – that’s the stuff that cracks me up!


    OF COURSE YOU CAN STAY! I would miss you if you left. Stick around and soak up as many laughs as you can. Maybe, with enough encouragement, we’ll convince you to take the stage. You never know, you might be as funny as you think!

All though I am not a stand up comic, I do have a platform. Teaching in a cosmetology school gives me a captive audience. I use humor which I believe engages the students. The best part about it is when a student comes up and says “I heard a Mr. Mike type joke today, want to hear it?”

Keep the acorn spinning….

    It is a good feeling when you’re associated with a certain type of joke – an appropriate joke of course! For me, there is just no other feeling than knowing I have made someone else laugh!
    Thanks for stopping by Sir.
    The acorn continues!

I’m eager to see how this develops for you, Mick. I’ve always had people tell me I was funny, and I do enjoy being up on stage actually. But I don’t know for the life of me how I’d build a comedy routine. I hope you knock some socks off!

    Thanks, I hope I do too. Getting back on stage has been a bit more daunting than before – I guess I could be writing about that as opposed to crawling into a hole and hiding! To build one you just do what you’re already doing – you write! Find something that makes you laugh and write something else about the same topic and keep going. It takes some practice – I certainly have not gotten it mastered – and a lot of editing and revising – but the pay off? Oh, man is it ever wot it. Hope you come back and see what’s happening here –

    Maybe this is just what I needed to get back to doing this part – writing, thank you, sir!

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