Monday Night Stand-Up

Because of some encouraging people that are part of  Jon Acuff’s START Experiment – #STARTEXP, some VERY encouraging people over at Sammy A’s site and – yes you too mom – I decided to post this.  Trying to embrace #alltheawesome while punching my fear in the face – and adding a body blow for good measure!

This is from the first time I took the stage. It’s a short clip. I would love to hear you thoughts.

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Mick, really and truly, you are a funny guy! I loved this *taste* of your comedy act. You seemed at ease and natural, and what a great sense of humor!! I could relate – I am also one of those people who is vertically challenged.

I am totally going to encourage you to pursue this dream of stand-up comedy. Not many people can write humor – and you can! Now, get on with it – or I’m gonna tell your wife!


(p.s. Since we’re made in the image of God, I’m thinking He has a great sense of humor. Can you picture Jesus laughing? What a great image that is!!)

    Sharon, Thanks, again. The picture of Jesus laughing is a great image and one that I had not thought of before. Thanks for that visual. I will keep that in my mind now when I write.

Great Job Mick. I needed a laugh this morning

Mike, I enjoyed this clip. You seem like a natural up there. I can’t begin to tell you how much I belive comedy and Drama are underused as a platform to Share the truths of God. You could be unto something.

    Thank you. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. It is my plan that – should I ever do more original material – that it all be done for God’s glory. Thanks again.

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