You Wanted A Laugh You Gotta Laugh

Posted: July 6, 2015 in God's Will, Jesus, Stand-Up
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I know it is has been a LONG time since I posted something – especially something of substance and today’s post is NO different.



As many of you know, I got back into stand-up last year and have been focusing on that this year. In fact, I had dedicated this BLOG to chronicling my journey – I have FAILED in that effort and I am committed to getting back on that train starting today with the “short” bit I taped at McCurdy’s Comedy Theater and Humor Institute in Sarasota, FL.

Next week I will start posting again regularly…well, we’ll see but it’s the plan. I have a draft of my “revised goals” for the year that I have been working on as I could use some accountability partners – more on that next week.

Anyway – I hope you enjoy the set – it’s 100% clean material for the express purpose of giving honor to God by showing the world that comics CAN be funny and NOT dirty.

As always, would love to hear your thoughts.

Y’all keep the acorn spinnin’



Here’s an older clip of some of the same stuff – don’t worry – it’s short!



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