Goals For My Journey To Professional Comedy

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Goal Setting, God's Will, Stand-Up
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BOY HOWDY  – Been Gone Awhile

Have I ever been away for awhile! After the year I had and the way I kicked off 2015 – 31 posts in 31 days with my Proverbs challenge (Day 31 here) – I really thought I’d be a blogging machine this year. I got distracted from blogging but for a really good reason – I am working on my dream of becoming a working comedian!

And it takes a TON of time.

I am still writing – almost every day. Not keeping a calendar like I did in 2014 (See that here) but my joke notebook is filling up and I have nearly 10 minutes of very usable material so far this year – and that is a good thing.

Here is a snippet of that material.

Below are the MAIN goals I have for myself to accomplish my dream of turning comedy from a pastime to a profession.

1) Long Term Comedy Goal – LTCG – I want to be able to replace my full time job and support my family doing, 100% clean, God honoring comedy.
2) Comedy Education including – Rik Roberts’ School of Laughs (I highly recommend checking out the school and the podcast). I will read books and take workshops to improve my material, my mindset and my drive. Always looking to improve.
3) Writing Daily – I will write at least 2 pages of free thoughts and note what might be usable as material and work on ideas as they come to me or that I have keep track of in either my notebook or Evernote
4) Open Mics – I will attend at least one (1) OM a week – more as family and work allow but 1 for sure. I heard RR say it takes about 100 OMs to know yourself and your audience so I have about 80 more sets to go before I really know what I am doing – YIKES!
5) Accountability Partners – Along with sending this list to RR, I will recruit some guys from my church as well as a couple a my comedy buddies to hold me accountable to all of the above.


So, Whaddya think? Did I miss anything, would you add anything? What is your dream – your passion? Please share it in the comments.
  1. flowerman54 says:

    Don’t let your goal overshadow what you already are. You are a godly man, a good husband and father And a great friend. Don’t lose sight of that. Don’t forget continuing in his word. Love you brother

    • mickholt says:

      Ron worry not – God is FIRST and foremost in my heart and mind. the comedy is and will always be 100% clean to honor and glorify HIM. I will use it to point to HIM not to me.
      Thanks as always for stopping by. Miss you brother.

  2. dilemmamike says:

    What is your goal? Meaning what type of comedy do you want to be known for?

    • mickholt says:

      I want to be know for doing 100% clean God honoring material. I heard a comic, Michael Jr. – everyone should check this guy out – say that his jokes have to be funny enough for the clubs but clean enough for a church and that’s how I am approaching every joke I tell. I see this as a mission field – more for the other comics that the audience.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Appreciate the conversation.

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