You Cannot Be Sure Of God Until You’re Sure Of God

Question Mark** The following is a question from one of last weeks posts – God Is With Me and the answer I provided. I think the question is common among people looking for their direction, as is this reader. Feel free to respond as you are lead here or on the original post.

I edited the question and answer for this post.



“…But than I was pushed into the gates of Hell ( so it seemed) I try to take comfort in the fact that God is with us, but how do we really know, how can we be satisfied That God is really here. HOW?? Sometimes it seems like he leaves us on a strangers door step wrapped in a blanket, crying and hungry, hoping to be held and loved. This is how my week has been. I have been abandoned, left in a situation I do not know how to work through, I am lost, confused, misunderstood! Why have I been left on a doorstep.



You asked two questions and I am going to answer them in reverse order because the second answer – first question – really holds both together.

You asked, “Why have I been left on a doorstep?” Very good question – I know it’s good because King David asked it and so did Jesus while he was on the cross. The answer is you have not been “left” on the door step – but God may need you to trust that He’s still there. Perhaps He’s just standing behind you. Psalm 16:8 says, “I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.” This is just one of the verses that attest to God’s faithfulness towards us.

You asked, “…how do we really know, how can we be satisfied That God is really here. HOW??” The truth is you can’t at first. You cannot know until you KNOW. Sounds muddled, right? I agree. Here’s the thing, our relationship with God is based on our FAITH in the redemptive work – life, death and resurrection – of Jesus Christ. When we first believe we struggle – I still do. The longer we work at aligning our lives with the will of God the more He allows us to trust Him. As our trust grows our faith grows. The more our faith grows the more “we know,” really know that God is there. We cannot always explain it but we know.

I can tell you that through the years of my walk with Christ, many of those years have been spent with me running as hard as I can away from Him but every turn that would have been too far, every decision that could have potentially set off circumstances I did not want, every STUPID idea I had, there was always a voice, or a sense, a feeling – whatever you want to call it that kept me from going too far. While I was unemployed for nearly 5 months and my wife was battling breast cancer – the first time – we never missed a house payment or major bill and we ALWAYS had food – sometime too much. THAT’S how I know. If you read some of my other posts you’ll see I struggle with emotions and questions just like you, like everyone does but – there is not a time, ever, that I doubt God, His presence, His love for me and my family and His love for YOU.

The stuff I struggle with always comes back to “why” something does or does not happen. “Why” has God allowed this, allowed that or not made something happen. So, I would ask that you look, first and foremost, at your relationship with Jesus Christ. Read John’s Gospel, I believe it is the best example of the love of Christ and his sacrifice for you. Completely turn your life over to His authority, read your bible, pray and find other people to help you grow, of course keep coming to PADAG for my pearls of wisdom :).

I think the kind of faith that allows you to “know” the “without a doubt” faith comes with practice – really like anything else. The more you use your faith the stronger it becomes.

Hope that helps.


How would you answer these questions? Would you have said something else?

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