Friday Poetry – Quiet Pandering

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Poetry
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Photo By; Anandajoti (Creative Commons)

Photo By; Anandajoti (Creative Commons)

Quiet pandering to a hollow soul seeking to kill all it sees – crying.



Searching for light. Longing for the engagement of another – lost below the waves of anxiety.

Drowning in the loss of love; the absence of memory –tears roll down its face.

This life, half empty, frail existence failing time after time; turning out the light and embracing the dark – cries in the rain.

Suffering without understanding; never knowing the truth was always there.

Hesitation stops the heart. Self absorbed, absent spirit dwells behind the veil.

It hides from the love It can’t find.

A hell all its own – belonging to the emptiness rejecting the peace – screams breeding silence tears driving life.

Openly dreaming of better things,  lowered to the depths of disease.

Anxious for nothing, angry at the sky –  lacking only the desires of Its heart.

Feeling alone facing your fear drunk with the pall of the day.

Mourning Son rises across brilliant skies redemption leave scars on our lives.

  1. Sharon says:



    I hit some doldrums this week, and your poem spoke to my heart in that place. Thank you.


    • mickholt says:

      Thank you, glad you liked it. Not trying to compare what I write to what David wrote but I think, at times, I understand the place he would write from. Well, no one is trying to kill me so…

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