Just Don’t Use The “N” Word

Photo By: falcon1961

Photo By: falcon1961

Under normal circumstances, I do not tackle social or political issues here at PADAG.

These are not “normal” circumstances.

I have very strong convictions about both but when it comes to this blog I prefer to remember that everyone needs Jesus – whether I agree with them politically or not. This issue is not really about politics it is about right and wrong.

And Jesus does not have a political party.

I have been looking for an angle to take on this topic and thanks to, not one or two, but several issues relating to race relation and the use of a specific word I believe I have finally found what I have been trying to find.

As far as I am concerned, the “N” word is about as ugly a word anyone can use – in any situation and for any reason. To me, there is not a way to use it that is not derogatory and offensive to me or to those for which it refers.

There has been a lot of talk recently about how a slight difference in the way it is said changes the meaning and makes it OK for African Americans – especially young males to use it. The problem with this thinking is in the inconsistency. If it is wrong for me to say it then it’s wrong for you – whoever ‘you” happen to be.

Now, I am old enough to know right from wrong and how that truth applies to my life. However, as I sat at church this morning and watched as this year’s VBS wrapped up I notice something about the group of kids sitting in front of me – they were not sitting in groups determined by the color of their skin. They were playing – together. They were American kids playing. They know their different – and yet, there they were, celebrating God and diversity and none of them had to be told it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

That’s when it hit me.

We, as a society, must remove the “N” word from the lexicon because of my son.

Yes, my son.

Well, him and the children that will guide this nation into the future. I can see the way they play that they do not have the hate in their hearts that we have.  We’ve learned it over the course of our lives but they have an opportunity that we missed out on a long time ago.

It is not enough for me to not use it in our house and to tell my son that it’s wrong.  He does not care about the color of his friend’s skin.  I see him at church and school functions running around with kids with the same skin and, in his words, kids with “brown” skin. They don’t care. They shouldn’t have to.

Why in the world would we teach them any other way?

I am convinced that there are people in the world today that endeavor to keep race issues at the forefront of our society. They thrive on dividing us all. They are on both sides. They don’t want us to all “get along.” If there was no animosity, they’d be out of work – or at the very least have to find honest jobs.

It’s all a part of Satan’s plan. It is all part of the lie he tells to keep us at odds; because if we’re fighting one another, we’re not loving each other. THAT’S what he wants. That’s what he needs.

I get that this idea is not new. I understand that it is fairly naive of me to think I can change society or that my one attempt is going to make a significant impact – perhaps. I don’t expect us to all be best friends but to not get along is a choice – just like accepting, or not, the truth of Jesus Christ.

However, I am reminded of the world wide change one person made when He went to a cross he did not deserve and died for sins he did not commit.

Now, I am not comparing my little blog to the savior of the universe. I am simply saying that one person can start something – I just need you to help me.

Please leave comments – I welcome them all.


One person really can make a difference. We can’t change the world, but we can influence the part of the world that God has us placed.
Keep on doing what’s right. It does matter!

Left to their own devices, most children are not prejudiced. They must learn it from older people. We can all teach our own children that God loves boys and girls of all races equally, and we do too. That looks like Jesus.

    Sam, you’re right most of the hate we know is learned from the previous generation or from those in ours that have been influenced by others.

    Thank you for commenting. It is appreciated.

Very well written.

    Thank you Nicole. I do appreciate you stopping by, reading and commenting. I just wonder how much good, if any it will do. I pray God uses it to soften hearts. Thanks again.

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