God Was Rude To Me

Photo By: foxypar4 (Creative Commons)

Photo By: foxypar4 (Creative Commons)

Ever been in the middle of conversation with someone and they’re going on and on about something they want to do but won’t or can’t for a thousand reason that you’ve heard a million times?

Or perhaps it’s someone that’s bragging that they can bench press four plates thirty times and finally you’ve just had enough and you belt out, “well, then do it!”

Shut up and dance.

You’ve been there right? Or was it you? We’re you maybe going on and on about something and your friend was just fed up and yelled, “poop or get off the pot” – I changed it to make it family friendly.

Well not that long ago it was me.

I was praying, talking to God. Asking, as I often do, what I am supposed to do. Expressing my uber-willingness to anything and everything that God wants.

As long, of course, as it is what I want God to want for me.

Now, let me say that God’s voice was not audible but there is zero question in my mind that He spoke to me. I was lamenting my situation, again, and I said “God, what I really want to do is honor you by writing and doing comedy” short pause and then just as I started to speak again I heard it. Like a rude friend speaking into my thoughts and my personal space.

“Then write and do comedy.” I imagine God shaking his head with haughty derision as he spoke.

That was it.  Five words that’s all it took. Five words that could, one can hope, change my life. Hopefully change many lives.

He was not really rude. God is love. We know that about him. And we know from what it says in 1 Corinthians 13 about love. Love is kind, gentle and patient among other things. Never does the Bible say that love is rude.

And isn’t that what we think of people that interrupt us when we’re talking?

I don’t really think God was being rude. I think he was being frank – there’s a bit there somewhere – but God was just telling me, as he has in the past, “son, pick a direction and go because this sitting around doing nothing thing is not working for either of us and not getting me any additional glory.”

God wants the same from you. God wants our hearts and our passion. HE wants us to be obedient and to live our lives in a manner that glorifies Him. But he absolutely does not want us to sit and do nothing. We don’t do anyone any good if we’re sitting and waiting for some mythical moment that the whole world makes sense and our path is as clear as glass.

If you ever happen upon a burring bush don’t talk to it, throw water on it – that’s what we call a fire!

How about you? Have you ever found yourself talking about what might have been or what could be and got called on it? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it.


Encouraging post for me today. While I’ve overextended myself with obligations lately, that doesn’t mean God wants me to walk away from them all. I may need to let a few things go, but I can’t let them all go.
I too want to honor God and if I’d stop talking maybe He could give me a bit of direction 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I am reminded of that old John Candy movie “Uncle Buck” when he’s on the phone and he’s fighting to get into the conversation…”But I, You said, I thought…” – it comes something like that. I often think of God being Uncle Buck while he’s trying to tell us something.

I like this, God deals with me “frankly” so often, me being so imperfect and all…

    What? You’re imperfect? I know you’re kidding – well a bit. The thing is we’re ALL imperfect thus the need for Jesus. Isn’t it awesome that God does not care about our “imperfections”? Thanks for commenting.

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