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Photo By: Luigi Crespo (Creative Commons)How many times do we take on a challenge and see it through?

I mean really? For me, not often. Not often enough.

Today I reached the end of a 31 day writing challenge and honestly, thinking back to the first of January, I didn’t think I’d complete this one.

The challenge was to write at least 500 words a day for the month. Those were the rules. I didn’t have to write a book, blog post, poem, letter or anything that even made sense – I had several of those nights – the idea was just to get into the habit of writing.

I did it.


For God So Loved the WorldA couple of months ago, I posted this and called it a “Christmas Present for me.” I was trying to trick you into reading the Gospel of John. Not sure that was the most effective ploy.

I should have said something like, I believe that of the gospels – there are four total – John’s is the most complete when it comes to illustrating God’s love for his creation through the life and sacrifice of Jesus. And I desperately want you to experience the love that I have from the creator of the universe.