Why Do I write? No, Really, WHY?*

I wonder sometimes why exactly it is that I write. Why do I spend countless hours in front of the computer stringing words together?

Why do I sit up for hours after my family has gone to bed or rise hours before they wake to get thoughts and ideas down on paper – or more recently – into some digital format?

Why do I bother putting sentences or paragraphs on a blog that only a handful of people read – and fewer respond to? Or into a book that, if finished, there is no guarantee that it will get published or – like the blog – read.

Why I do I imagine that anyone cares or that anyone is affected by the time I spend doing what I do? It is not as though I am the only one writing down words, the only one posting on blogs, the only one pouring my heart into something that does not get heard on the radio, broadcasted on television or projected in a theater.

So why? Why do I write? Why do I? Why write?

The answer – for me – does not come from the rhetorical, “Why not”? It does not even come from the imperative “I must” or, the seemingly positive but equally negative, “I can’t not write”.

Which is what a real writer is supposed to say, right? Well, then, I guess I am not a “real” writer because none of those – some may be valid for you – pertain to me.

For me it not matter of what I can or cannot do. It is not about what my skills and abilities happen to be – in short – it is not about me.

For me, it all comes down to what I get to do. What I am allowed to do. What I have been blessed with the ability to do. And to some degree what I have been asked to do.

But mostly, what I choose to do.

See, I have spent many years “looking” for what I am supposed to do. I have been under the delusion that this is some mystical process or super spiritual moment where God pulls you aside and says something like “OK, kid, this it. This is your time. HERE is my calling for you. Follow this plan to the title and you’ll be IN my will”

Only, I don’t see that happening. I don’t think it works that way. Not for me or you.

Do I believe that God has a plan for our lives? Yes, the bible says God has a will for our lives but I don’t think that if you skip college you’re going to miss out. I don’t think if you join the military you’re going to miss out. I don’t even think you’ll ever come to a point where you zigged when you should have zagged and then miss out.

Could you have made a better choice? Of course, see the life of King David. You know, the man after God’s own heart who had an affair, had a man killed and then tried to cover it up. The man that was still the Great Grandfather (insert several greats) of Jesus?

No, for me I get to write because Jesus didn’t stay in the grave.

What other reason do I need? What other reason do you need?

Whatever your profession is or will be – you’re called to “…love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit…and love your neighbor as yourself…”

Jesus said these were the most important commandments. Notice what he didn’t say?

“Go, be doctor, lawyer, preacher, teacher, hamburger flipper.”

Love God, love your neighbor.

That’s why I write because I LOVE GOD! No other reason. It does not matter what I write, how I write, when or where – I don’t believe God cares. If you subscribe to my blog, I have a short eBook that talks more about this – see below.

He wants me to love him and he wants me to love YOU. See how I changed “neighbor” to “you”?

Clever huh?

On this day that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who demonstrated his power over death I wonder how you will answer the question…

*This post originally appeared on this site several years ago – I felt like I wanted to revisit it for my own encouragement and yours. As we head into the 2019 Nanowrimo, I wanted you to know you can write, you are a writer, you have value and purpose and a story to share and someone, maybe me, needs you to write it down.

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