Goals for 2015 – What Am I Thinking?

f2558-nyeI am sitting here working on my goals for next year, something I neglected to do last year and as a result I drifted.

Going into 2014 I was filled with hope for getting back into comedy. I was excited by the prospect of getting back on a stage and the rush that accompanies the sound of laughter that I caused – inadvertently or not.

I missed that feeling – a lot, and had every intention of pursuing that feeling and everything that goes with it but I got sidetracked at the beginning of the year and it took me until almost August to see how far off track I had gotten.

Something that would not have happened had I had a plan – but not simply a plan but a written plan. A road map for where I wanted 2014 to take me or better, where I wanted to TAKE 2014.

I cannot call the year a total loss – I wrote more words than I have EVER have in a single year and some of them were actually pretty good but they were not the type of words I should have been writing.

They were not jokes but they were words so I convinced myself they were good. The act of writing was good – in many cases therapeutic. I need to go back and revisit some of them and mine them for material. Unfortunately, the writing I was doing was a derivative of what I needed to be doing, what I was called to do – better what I was made to do – write jokes to help people laugh, forget their worries for a bit and give glory to God for the ability.

So, as I work tonight on my map for 2015, I was wondering if anyone wanted an accountability partner to help you reach your 2015 destination?

I believe two things when it comes to goal setting and the success or failure of said goals:

1. If you don’ write it down it does not exists. That may seem hard to grasp but think about every New Year’s Eve Resolution you have EVER made – did you make it? Did you stick with it all year? I don’t even know you – well, I might know some of you – but I know that more than 90% of all resolutions have been abandoned  before the end of February. There is a bit of magic in putting words on paper – ask any writer. They become real, they’re no longer ideas floating around your head they’re visible, tangible and it’s much harder to bail when you see YOUR words on a piece of paper.

2. You’re more likely to stick with something when you know others are watching. How many times in school would you have just NOT done the broad jump or given a speech or driven on the range in Driver’s Ed had it not been for the eyes of your fellow students – who we’re just as scared as you in most cases.  There is power in community – what I am trying to build here – and there is safety in numbers. People with a shared vision – even if the end result is different – can motivate and encourage you to finish something you would never imagine on your own. Jesus said that on our own we can do nothing but with HIM – talk about an accountability partner – we can do more. See John 15:5

I have some other ideas and detail more of my strategies for goal setting  – you can check those our here or here, oh and here.

So, what do you say? I need to be held accountable and so do you. If you’re interested leave a comment or send me an email at mick@mickholt.com and we’ll iron out the details.

Happy New Year!

I promise you, if write down one goal this year you’re 100% closer to accomplishing it than if you just DREAM about it.

What are your goals for 2015? I would love if you shared them even if you don’t want to be held accountable.


This MAY help too – I have not read it yet but it’s some pretty “goal” oriented people. Get it while it’s available!

Sorry I haven’t been checking in of late. My end of the year was…well…unexpected. I’m glad you got to meet Tom. I read this and it made me think about a discussion you and I had in the carport at my book launch. We were talking about how parables were like fiction to reach people where they are, remember? I think that’s true about comedy. You have a chance to bring glory to God and to bring people to see His mercy through comedy. Praying it all comes together this year for you. At least in your mind! I’m sure you every bit as good as Mark Lowery and better than Tim Hawkins. God has a plan for you. And part of that plan was for us to meet via 500 words. I’m convinced of it.

    You never have to apologize to me especially for what you’ve gone through. I am happy to have met him as well. HE treated me as though we had known one another for years and that I was there to see him – I felt like I’d made a new friend. I do remember our conversation and I believe you’re right. I also feel that there are too few people using the medium to glorify God and I hope that I can do it and live up to the new expectations. Not sure I can compete with Hawkins, he’s funny AND plays guitar! I am praying it all comes together too. God is already opening doors to opportunities as well as people including other Christ following comics – it is so cool to “see” God’s hand move.

    I consider “My 500 Words” to have been an invaluable part of my life.
    Thank you for your friendship and encouragement.

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