Failures Wanted – What It Takes To Be A Comedian (or anything else that matters)

Photo by:  Sean MacEntee - Creative Commons

Photo by: Sean MacEntee – Creative Commons

A great man once said, “If you never failed, you never tried.”

Of course another – much meaner  – man once said to me “If ya ain’t cheating, ya ain’t trying” then he knocked me down.

I do miss Grampa.

Both  quotes have a degree of truth to them and your willingness to adopt these into your mindset could determine how or if you – or I –  see any success in 2015 ( no this is not my EOY encouragement for you to write out your goals for 2015 –  BUT it’s coming).

I am nowhere near where I want to be as a comic – barely scratched the surface – but where I am is where people  – that are unwilling or too scared to – fail usually do just that.

The very beginning so what do I know about how to succeed?

I know that if I am not willing to make a complete fool of myself and risk total silence in a room filled with people that WANT to laugh, then it’s never going to happen and I have FAILED without even trying.

Now, I could tell you that – as with most things – lots of hard work, dedication and a solid dream are all it takes to get you what you want go – and that is all true – to a degree. The truth, however, is a lot less friendly.  There is a chance you’re not cut out to do what you want to do you might even stink.

For many years I wanted to play football – until the day, more than 25 years ago, I got hit so hard that my ribs still hurt. For even longer than that, I wanted to play guitar in a band – or drums, or keyboards, or sax or just be able to say the word “band.”

God had different plans for me; He still does.

So, forget what you think you know and stuff a sock in the part of your brain that has you too scared to move because you’re scared to fail; fail anyway because you simply don’t know until you try.

If you do stink or cannot really do the “thing” review the lessons you have learned and move on – quickly before Grampa knocks you down.


What are you scared to try because you’re scared to fail? Have you ever tried something and discovered you’re not good at it? How was that experience? Please share what you learned –  someone reading might be able to learn for your journey – that’s what this is all about.




I once tried speaking, and though I think I’m fairly articulate, I’m kinda quiet. I don’t know that I have the *extrovert* style that attracts people to a speaker. I guess I’m just more of a writer.

What I’d like to try is write a book. Part of my *failure* is that I’m just lazy, and I procrastinate. I think my perfectionism is an enemy in this area, too.

So, as I look at the new year ahead, I want to be positive. I want to try something new and daring. And I do NOT want Grampa to knock me down.


    Laziness and procrastination can be trouble – no question – and they are both just need to be slapped and stepped on and beaten into submission. Easier said – I know – than done.

    I know it will be tough to break those habits but if you do you will not regret a moment of it except that you may find you’re spending TOO much time putting words on paper.

    Jeff Goins has a 31 Day challenge – link is below – for writing 500 words a day. I did the challenge to start this year and I wrote everyday for nearly 6 months – it’s a good exercise.

    Check out the challenge – it was a good thing for me might be for you too – plus it will keep Grampa at bay!

    Thanks for stopping by – Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you will have a “word” filled 2015

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