Friday Poetry – Misdirected

ac681-truth***NOTE*** The following is somethign I wrote to go with a post I am doing titled “Why Are You So Mad – The Face of Intolerance.” Which is a response to a blog post I read this week which illustrates the frustration I have being called intolerant for my beilefs. For some of my other thoughts on the question of intolerance I invite you to read  this post.

Anger, malice, hate, disdain;

running roughshod in the streets.

Misdirected vitriol – who’s calling who the sheep?

A polarizing diatribe calling us all scum. Butyou ever even tried to get to know just one?

To force my faith upon you – that just does not sound like me.

I love it is the truth I share – though you may never see.

Why are you so angry?

What’d we ever do to you?

Just becuase the faith we have it makes your face turn blue.

You mock and say the WE should turn the dial when we don’t like what we see;

You yell, you scream and stomp your feet ‘cos you don’t get your way.

A spoild child without a wagon on any other day.

My faith is not in science – I believe I was designed. A gentle touch, a guiding hand someone with a mind.

No, I don’t believe that two plu two will ever equal 5; you’ll find that nowhere in the Bible becasue the writer cannot lie.

Wjhile I don’t believe that something could ever come from naught;

make no mistake, my faith’s not so simple that it does not require thought.

Engage me face to face my friend for chat, a drink or song;

Or is it that you fear you’ll find that you are worng?

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