Help Me Reach 1000 Page Views and get a FREE eBook

Hello Everyone,

I was looking over my stats tonight and I realized two things.

1. I have been getting readers from India and Brazil – so hello to my new international friends,  thanks for reading and,

2. I am only 178 “page views” away from 1000 total views since I moved PADAG over to back in May. For you math wizards you’ve already figured out that I am sitting at 822 “PVs”.

I know LOTS of other blogs that get a 1000 views a day – and that’s cool I’ll get there in God’s perfect time, assuming that’s in the cards for me – but in the meantime I was wondering if you all could help me get to  the 1000 mark by the end of the month?

Yes, I am asking for 178 views in 7 days.

One week from today.

A mere 10, 080 minutes. But I think we can do it and by we I mean you. I absolutely need you to help spread the word about PADAG and

If you could forward a post, like me on FB and share a link to my page, mention PADAG in a status update, retweet my updates- that’s a thing right? Leave a comment on a post or two. Anything to help get the word out.

I did a little math and I only need and average of 25 views a day for the next week to make it to 1000 page views – can you help out a fellow American  not quite down on his luck – and yes, strawberry granola bars do count as a help.

Still reading?

Great because I am going to share a piece of news. I am working on my first book. The working title is “Pick A Direction and Go! – Getting Out of the Stands and Into the Game.”

It is a smallish eBook but I am very excited. It encapsulates everything that I am trying to do here on the blog. It is not however, a rehashing of my posts instead it’s all new material and I am letting it go for the very low, extremely affordable price of…wait for it…FREE when you subscribe to the site – which there is absolutely no charge for anyway. Really all I want is your email address  which I will respect and never sell or give away – heck, I hate SPAM too.

So, to recap – trying to get to 1000 page views by about this time in one week – any and all help will be appreciated. Subscribe and get my eBook absolutely FREE when I get it finished.

Thank you to you all.

Is there anything any of you would like to see here on PADAG? A topic you’d like to see brought to the table? Tell me how I can serve you – please.


Hi Mick,
I’m from Brazil and I read your blog everyday.
It has been a blessing to me.
You can count on me to reach your goal, for God’s glory.


    Thank you so much! I am glad my posts have blessed you. I was excited to see that someone in Brazil was reading – glad you introduced yourself. I really appreciate the support.
    God Bless.

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[…] Help Me Reach 1000 Page Views and get a FREE eBook ( […]

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