Do We Place Too Much Emphasis on the Cross?

Do we place too much emphasis on the cross? Do we give it too high a place in our system of faith?  I think in some ways we have placed it higher than Christ.  One might almost consider it a “graven image.”
Think about it. Everywhere you look in Christendom you see the cross; on necklaces, on the side of the road, in church buildings, on church buildings, stained glass and paintings.  It is everywhere.
Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that Jesus dying was of the utmost importance. I understand that NO ONE else could have died for the sins of the world. I understand that all the prophecies had to be fulfilled – including the one Jesus himself made about being like Jonah and spending three days in the earth. I believe that ONLY Jesus’ sinless, blameless holy blood could satisfy God’s wrath.
 I get all that – but everyone dies, even false messiahs, right?
What you almost never see is a rock.
And to me, this is the more meaningful of the two.
“A rock” you say. Well, yes a rock or giant boulder. Whatever it was that sealed the tomb Jesus was laid in.
The picture above is something my son made at church and it got me thinking. Right smack dab on “the cross” are the words “HE LIVES!” Try saying it out loud.
How much that says and means.
That’s what we celebrate. That’s what gives our faith something that no other faith has, a living breathing God.  That’s what sets Christianity apart. In all its forms and for all the differences each denomination and the non-doms bring to the table we all believe in a God that is alive.
Think about it, Easter is coming in a couple weeks do focus more on Good Friday – the day Christ died or is the focus on Sunday – that day he LIVED?  Too easy. What day of the year, besides Christmas is there near universal church attendance? Also too easy.
I do not think it’s a coincidence that the two biggest Christian holidays center on the LIVING Jesus – do you?
Now I am not suggesting that we do away with all the art of the cross or that we stop wearing the cross around our necks but I do want us to think about the what and the why we’re doing it – is it for fashion or passion? An old pastor said that to my youth group once and I think about every time I see someone wearing the cross.
I wonder though, how many people could we talk to about Jesus if they saw a big rock around our neck?
Do you think the stone is as important as the cross? Is the cross the only thing that matters? What do you think?


I hadn't ever thought of the way the cross has been commercialized before, but you bring up excellent points. I also like the image of the ROCK! For some reason, this Easter is more clear to me than ever before. I'm in awe of our risen Savior!

The older I get the more I understand Easter and what it really means. Not that I don't like the chocolate. "Risen" is the key term. We worship a living savior – how cool is that? Thanks for the comment TC – I appreciate it.

I think a necklace with a big rock on it might not be as practical :)No, but I see what you're saying. The cross is beautiful, but so is the resurrection. The two go hand in hand, but I think there's a danger that some people may forget that. I love the "He Lives" in the middle of the cross – that's a great way to sum it all up!

One of the issues I think people of our generation(s) and up bringing is that we don't see the cross as the horror that the Jews and Romans KNEW it to be. It has been romanticized to the point that I'd bet ancient Roman citizens would be aghast if they showed up one day and saw people wearing them. Plus, think about how it minimizes Christ's call to "carry your cross daily." Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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