Star Trek

The Jerk Store and the Final Frontier

ApuffyshirtisjustnotlogicalHow much time do you spend beating yourself up for things you wish you had done? Or things you wished you’d done differently? Or things you’d wished you’d never done? Or, or, or…

That guy you dated for WAY too long, the girl you dumped WAY too soon, a class you wanted to take, a movie you wanted to see maybe you zigged when you should have zagged? I bet you have your own that you’re already thinking about.

The Bible Says Time Travel Is Possible

Photo By: Pop Culture Geek (CC)

Photo By: Pop Culture Geek (CC)

Of all the things I look forward to about getting into Heaven – yes I am going to be there and if you’re not sure message me and I will help you – one of the most exciting things for me has got to be the ability to time travel.

This has long been something that man has dreamed of doing. Science fiction books and movies give us a glimpse of what our minds think it might be like – and I don’t think there is one that I don’t like.

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