Comedy Workshops (Not A Waste of Time)


The cover of Dave’s book

I know there are tons of opinions about the necessity of, need for, quality and usefulness of comedy classes. I happen to be in favor.

Anytime someone wants to help me out with a new way to look at something or change the way I think (Romans 2:12) or anything that gets me closer to my goal of doing comedy full time – I WILL LISTEN!

And if I am feeling adventurous – I’ll even pay for the knowledge.

Now – don’t get em wrong – I have no delusions that any class can replace practical app and real stage time but a class or a workshop can help you cut through some of the minutia you’re going to face whether we’re talking about comedy or brain surgery – though having said that I would much prefer you go to medical school and get LOTS of training before performing brain surgery – a workshop might not cut it. Pun intended.

Having said all that I am excited to say that starting tomorrow I am going to brave the elements – temps are supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow – and head down to Ybor City to the Improv and take Dave Schwensen’s comedy workshop.

This is a three week workshop culminating in a showcase at the Improv – I will post times and dates as it gets closer.

I have been reading Dave’s newsletter and blog for several months – he was even kind enough to post a joke I submitted to him a while back – and he provides so much useful info there that he does not even charge for that I bought a copy of his book – see picture with a link to his site above.

When I saw he was bringing his workshop to Tampa  it was a NO BRAINER – which I excel at – I knew I had to attend.

I like the idea of this kind of workshop not just for the knowledge of Dave can supply or the insight to the business side of comedy but getting to work on material with a pro is beyond exciting. Plus there will be up to 9 other people there – I like small class sizes – that will be giving input as well and that’s something that can benefit ALL comics.

This is really a “closed” open mic. We’re all going to be presenting stuff we’re unsure of but being blessed with an audience that we’re only slightly trying to impress. Because let’s face it – if you can get other comics to laugh you’re likely on to something good.

So be on the look out for a date and time for the showcase and try to make it out.


Do you or have you ever done a class or workshop that you loved or one that you hated and wanted to rip out your hair? Share the story and if you ripped out your hair – the pics!


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