The Only Blogging Advice I Am Qualified to Give

That's no planet

That’s no planet

Have you noticed that there is no shortage of people wanting to give you advice about how to make your blog the next big thing (NBT)? Seems like everyone knows “the secret” and for a price, they’ll share it with you. Speed up, slow down, do more, do less, procrastinate, multi-task, don’t multi-task, give things away, don’t give anything away, guest post for everyone, comment on blogs, only comment on your blog – AAAAGGGHHH!!!

It is enough to make you crazy – this world of blogging.

Most people are nice enough to help for the most part but it seems that many blogs have turned into one long commercial for their book, system for success, their “master class” or their way of building your blog and growing your platform.

And hey, if that’s your thing I say GO FOR IT!

Unfortunately we cannot all have huge blogs. We cannot all be gi-normous successes in the Blogosphere. I think it is mathematically impossible and totally unrealistic to suggest otherwise. It might even be a bit misleading.

I am not here to knock the folks that are trying to make a living off their blogs by selling their skills, books, videos or knowledge – heck if I had any answers I might try as well. I actually respect their efforts to make something of the space here on the interwebs and look to some of their ideas on growth and the need to practice your “craft” and build “tribes” and do ____ (insert cool buzzword here)_____!

No, right now I want to be the voice of reason. For many of us – yes, I include myself in this category – the heavy traffic, 100 + comment section; “viral” posts just will not come. I am not being pessimistic I am being real. I am actually quite optimistic but a realist.

Now, I am not saying to quit your blog – please don’t misunderstand. I just want you to be realistic. Do a quick search to see how many blogs are out there – I didn’t think numbers went that high. Do another search and see how many blogs there are about the topic you want to write about. Was it a good sized number? Too saturated. Not a big number? Too little interest.

This is a tricky biz and you need to be prepared to fail, at least once maybe more and maybe totally.

“Totally?” “Totally.”

Does that mean you don’t stand a chance of becoming the NBT? Of course not. You could have the best idea ever. An idea so good that no one else has ever thought of; that you’re passionate about and your blog could blow up like the Death Star.

"Y'er all clear, Kid..."

“Y’er all clear, Kid…”

Just be careful that you don’t end up like Biggs splattered across its face first.

No one wants that it messy.

I don’t have anything to sell – though I have some things in my garage that I could part with but I will gladly give you a “nickels worth of free advice.”

If this is what you want, I mean, you really want it then be prepared to work for it. No one is going to give the title world’s greatest blogger – however, I bet you can buy your own coffee cup that says that. If you’re not willing to “live” your blog, if you’re not willing to bleed for your work then you’re wasting your time. Not your readers because they’ll never show and if they do when they see you’re not even interested enough to show up they won’t either.

Are you willing to make your blog work? Are you willing to admit that your initial topic is not working and make the tweaks (NOT TWERKS) necessary to grow? Are you willing to put in the time writing thousands of words that NO ONE will ever read just so you can dig out the two hundred and fifty that matter? If so, close your browser right now and start working. If not, guess I will see you on FB.


I just wanted you to know that I read your words & they have made a difference. Thanks for keeping my butt in the chair and my thoughts flowing.

Hi Mick,

This is one GREAT piece of writing and advice! Why? Because it is true! Blogging is a journey not dissimilar to life itself; one tries, stumbles, falls and only when one learns to continue regardless for no other reward but to witness magic brought alive by beauty and power of words … one is truly ready to enjoy blogging journey!

Keep It Up!

    Thanks so much for the comment and the compliment. It is appreciated. I think you could apply your words to just about any area of life, “only when one learns to continue regardless for no other reward but to witness magic brought alive by” whatever it is that drives you then you can enjoy the journey.

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