The BUCS Can Make This a Victorious Season


I think that at this point in the season it is safe to say the BUCS will not be participating in the playoffs. Let’s face it, to run the table and post nine straight wins to avoid another losing season it nearly unthinkable. From the MRSA issue, to the debacle with Freeman and what seems to be an on field group “quit”, this is shaping up to be THE WORST season in Tampa Bay Buccaneer history.  And given the team we’re talking about – that’s saying  A LOT!

So, what are the BUCs to do?

The easy – obvious – answer is fire Coach Schiano and I doubt you’d get much argument out of anyone if – sorry – when they do. But my question remains – “What do you do”. Clearly the coaching is an issue and from top to bottom this staff is not the answer.

In most situations like this the organization would promote a current member f the staff. The most logical person in this case would be Dave Wannstdet.

This would be a HUGE mistake. I don’t know the man personally so this is not an attack on that level but He’s lead two NFL teams in the past – both were unsuccessful and that’s putting it mildly. Honestly, there’s a reason he was available to take the Special Teams coordinator position with the BUCS.

So, we’re still at the big question of “what to do?”

Well, I learned a long time ago, if you’re going to complain about a situation that you should never come to the table empty handed. It is OK to complain but bring a solution – and I think I have one.


We all know the BUCS are not going to have a long term solution for the next nine weeks. Anyone they use will be stuck with the “interim” title and almost certainly out of work at season’s end. So why not BUC tradition and think outside the box. Why not take this opportunity to do something special that will re-endear your team to the community that has supported you – through some very tough times – and save you – the organization a boat load of money, because I am sure even an “interim” head coach cashes a very large pay check.

Instead, use this as a community builder. Sure it will be a gimmick – a marketing ploy – but you don’t try to hide that fact and the response would be a good one. A city that is nearly ready to watch the whole organization walk the plank needs to something completely unexpected – and this is it.

So forget using “established coaches. Wait until next year for the retreads and the “legitimate” coaches –  instead use a ordinary Tampa residents – or not so ordinary.

Think about it.

How great would it be to see a cancer survivor on the sideline calling plays? Or someone going through chemo? A veteran? Or someone serving active duty? How about one of the really good local high school coaches in the area? Auction off a week for the Boys club or cancer research.  You cannot tell me this would not be a hit with the “Make a Wish” people.

No contracts, no salaries, no egos – only a renewed love for the team or new found if you’re a recent transplant.

The pay would be easy, A signed game jersey, a ball signed by the team, or a framed picture of the new coach and “his” team,  throw in some shirts or hats and you’ve got yourself  pretty nice package.

What would they do though, really? Let them call some plays, fourth and 20? Go for it! On sides kick to start the game why not? Let them do the post game press conference – make it an experience – for them, for the city – heck for football.

Honestly, think of the publicity!

I am not saying to be stupid –  the rest of the “paid” coaching staff will be there when the new guy – or girl – needs some guidance but this is – after all – a GAME. So let’s have some fun.

Here’s the thing, at this point in the season the guys know what to do – heck most of them have been playing football since they were 10 years old or younger so they don’t really need to be coached at least not like they would if they were in playoff contention.

We all know coach Schiano is done here and the prospects for winning even one game are bleak – and I think I am being generous – so why not make this a memorable second half and turn this ship around before we witness the second sinking of the Titanic?

What are your ideas to right this ship and turn the season around? Can Schiano survive? What are your thoughts?


Sorry, Mick. One word…Broncos.

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