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Dear Readers

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You guys are why I do what I do. You are why I write. Sure I write for “me” but, and I thik this is true of anyone that puts words to paper – or screen, I want those words to be read. I want my words to be helpful, honest and from time to time humorous – OK, I want that one more often than not. Do I want you love my words and agree with everything I write – well of course I do – but here’s the thing:

I KNOW YOU WON’T and I am OK with that.

It’s All About the Interaction

But what I do want is interaction. I want us to have conversations. In no way do I have all the answers to the things I post. Most of the time they’re questions I am wresting with and I use these posts to get my thoughts in order and would love to know what you think. There is a comments section at the end of every post and I welcome your thoughts. You do not have to agree with everything I say, heck, you don’t have to agree with anything I say. If that’s the case then I really want to hear from you because I want to learn from you as well. I believe we can all learn a great deal about ourselves, each other and God by having meaningful dialog here.

If You Like What You’re Reading

Last, if you even remotely like what I am posting please share it on your Facebook page, Tweet it, Pin it whatever you do wherever you hang out in cyberspace I would really appreciate it if you shared links to my page.  There are buttons at the bottom of every post near the comments and even one near the top right above the “D” in direction that says “more.”

Now I won’t be so bold as to ask you for money to improve my blog like my friend Jeremy – please read his complete post – but I feel good asking for a simple “click” of support.

Do you think it is creepy o rude for bloggers to ask for this or any other kind of help? Let me know what you’re thinking (request for comments) below. Feel free to share this post with your internet friends.


Ha! Yeah, asking for money is never a good thing on a blog. Well…. rarely a good thing. Anyway, I will click away!

Right, you'd think it would not be but some are doing it – and seem to be getting somewhere. Appreciate the clicks and comments

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